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Since day 1 the boy has never slept more than an hour at naptime. Doesn?t leave a mama much time to get any work done, eh?

This afternoon I am working away and I start to hear him stir through the baby monitor. I do my usual routine of potty first then check on the boy. I get down to his bedroom and he is lightly rocking in the crib. Not unusual. Normally I let him wake up and then ask to get out of the bed before I pick him up. I lean over and put my hand in the crib. Well, today I do the same and he doesn?t quite look like he is ready to get up. This time, while he is still groggy, I pick him up and rock in the chair with him. Well Lord love a duck the kid fell back to sleep. So now I am sitting in the chair with a sleeping baby and have no clue what effect it will have if I put him back in the bed. I take the risk. Sho nuf! He falls asleep again! He stirred a few times when I slid the rail back up and when the floor creeked as I was trying to leave the room, but he is still sleeping. I cannot believe this.

I have tried everything since we got him to make him sleep more than an hour at naptime. The kid is like clockwork. He falls asleep at 1:04, he wakes up at 2:04. On. The. Button. He must be really tired or I have developed some secret mommy super power from this rocking him to sleep thing.

I?m going to go with the super power, because, let?s face it… I need to feel special.

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