I would love to tell you about the loads of awesome I’ve had while the trusty sister-in-laws and B were in town. ?I would love to tell you about how I watched our social worker walk out of our house for the last time tonight. ?I would love to tell you that the UPS guy is bringing me a little treasure in the shape of a swimming pool tomorrow or that by thursday I will have 200 tons of tomatoes… ?but I won’t. ?Why? ?Because at this moment the thermostat in my house reads 86 degrees. ?That is too fucking hot.

And please don’t email me with invites for your air conditioning. ?That would require that I drive to wherever you live. ?Which requires that I put gas in my car because air conditioners in cars require gas and gas costs money, money that I am saving so the UPS guy can deliver my pool tomorrow.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Yay! No more social worker
    Yay! You’ve got lots of tomatoes Yay! You’re getting a pool
    Sobs… it is too trukin hot!

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    I’m telling you that even with AC the heat here in southern Texas this year is KILLING me! It’s been 105 degrees every day WITH humidity. The car doesn’t cool down fast enough to run errands without being dripping wet. My garden is toast. I have a nasty rash all over from the heat and I wake myself up itching and scratching at night. I feel your pain. This sucks!!!

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