Funny how small the world is

Despite being back at school, the boy is still sick. ?He was mostly fine Monday (stayed home from school), fine yesterday and then not so much today. ?I got a text from my mom while I was at work and evidently things were not going so well. ?Let’s just say that I made sure to bring home the biggest and best fuchsia basket our store carried, because damn… that woman deserved it.

In non poop or puke related news…

The coolest thing happened yesterday.

So you know how Cake is my favorite band in the whole wide world right? ?And that they played a show in Seattle on New Year’s Eve at the Moore Theater and that I got to go see said concert and even though my tickets were super far from the stage it still was the best concert in the history of concerts. ?Remember that? ?That whole Cake thing… ?remember that because I’ll get back to that part.

I was at work yesterday and this girl comes into the store and says that she has a little vine maple tree in a pot that she’s had since the beginning of the year. ?She said is was full and nice and was wondering if this was the right time to plant the tree. ?I went through my garden store spiel about yes, plant, this organic fertilizer and the girl was happy. ?She left. ?Two seconds later she comes back into the store to buy the fertilizer I suggested. ?As she walks by me I said, “by any chance, did you win that tree at a concert?” ?YES!!! and she gave me the biggest high-5 ever.

You see, Cake has this thing where they give away a tree at every concert. ?They put a tree on stage and ask if anyone knows the name of it. ?During the concert I was sitting in the nosebleeds and was yelling, “VINE MAPLE!!!” ?Of course there was no way John McCrea could hear me from where I was sitting and then I was pinching myself for not asking for general admission tickets (which were sold out anyway). ?Needles to say, this girl yelled out vine maple and they brought her up on stage to give her the tree.

That same girl came into my store and asked me (who was at the concert {best concert in the world}) about planting it. ?How kick ass is that?

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  1. Liv says: Reply

    That’s pretty kick ass.

  2. joel413 says: Reply

    Was she wearing a short skirt and a long jacket? *ducks*

  3. Kim Hartman says: Reply

    That story does seriously kick ass.

    How great was that? I can see the smile on your face from here.

  4. Jenni says: Reply

    Too funny!

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