I am in a great big funk this morning.? I think the boy’s insistent refusal to poop on the toilet has driven me over the edge.? It’s crazy I tell you.

I have spilled every liquid substance I’ve touched.? I tried to dump sani-tea all down the front of me.? That would have been the end to the entire outfit.? Then while mixing eggs I slopped those all down the front of me.? And to top it off, I was desperate for coffee at work and made my own.? But of course in my caffeine deprived stupor I forgot to check if the lid was screwed onto the pot.? Heavens no, it wasn’t.? I poured myself my cup and the lid fell off and I dumped coffee all over the table.

This isn’t my day.

I forgot the boy’s art bag for the second day this week.? I thought I was so prepared for a meeting this morning and walked out of the house without my file of work stuff (but remembered my calendar).? It’s only 10:03 a.m.

Pardon me while I go crawl under a rock and sleep.

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  1. Wow, I’m on my lunch break and was SO headed to my blog to talk about how down I am today. My title was going to be “Down” – but I checked your blog first, and I like your word better. Must be something in the air.

  2. Jenny2 says: Reply

    *** patting you on the head and telling you it will get better***

    I’m just glad you don’t work in a nuclear power plant today.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I forgot to put on deordorant and shave this morning.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re in a funk today. That really sucks! I hope the day gets better for you! Jump on IM if you want to talk; I’m on today if you need me.

    Smile! Life will get better if you smile at yourself in the mirror!! Don’t grimace, girl, smile!!

  5. Elle says: Reply

    ok, my husband saying he forgot deodorant definitely made me smile.

  6. Guess it’s a funky day for your whole family!! 😀

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    I think you need a break!!!

    we are beat down over here. Can’t get caught up on anything except BS in the Viet Nam adoption community and I use community lightly.

    Stay away from boiling water, McyD’s drive thru coffee and pasta pots. CRAP since it is thursday and you have pasta for dinner, I would use caution!

    Me I am ordering and getting conor to pick up on his way home. Enough already!

  8. DebiP says: Reply

    reminder to CS put deodorant on before loving wife gets home…

    and really when I first opened up your blog I thought it said…FU well you know the rest…

  9. Can I join you?

  10. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    I blame today’s funk on the fact that this is husband’s day four in NYC and he doesn’t come home until tomorrow. That’s why I have chocolate chip cookie dough icrecream and a date with Dr. McDreamy in four minutes.

  11. Lauri says: Reply

    ughhh….. just hate those days


  12. Mom says: Reply

    Stay away from hot things and knives. My remedy? Chocolate.

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