Freak out!

This isn’t so much a freak out as far as the song goes.  This is a freak out as far as packing goes.  I have 2 more full days to complete my packing.  This does not include all the other stuff I have to do.  The other stuff would include refilling prescriptions, buying cat food and litter, cleaning my house, laundry, and a whole list of other stuff. 

I will say that I have been working on some of it.  I am slowly doing laundry, the donations are organized and ready to be thrown into the suitcase, the miscellaneous stuff is put together.  It is coming along, but I get distracted so easily.

Our visas did come today and for that I am very happy!!  I was held captive in my house until the FedEx guy showed up.  I didn’t have to sign for the package, but would you want your passports and very expensive Visas left sitting on your front step?  Oh no!!

Slowly but surely this will all come together.  Ready or not D is throwing me on that plane come Thursday night. 

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