For the Record

I am glad to see so many people have watched and enjoyed my movie!!  I had fun making it.  I did want to go on record with a few things about it.  Yes, I did take all those photos.  I do understand it is odd for someone to take so many photos of toilets and toilet related things, but it was funny.  I only wish I had captured a few photo of some of the other toilets.  I missed my opportunity at the orphanage.  There was no seat on that one, but I did manage to snag some souvenir toilet paper on that one.  I also was pulling out my camera to snap a photo of the squatty potty at the palace in Korea when a lady walked into the washroom.  I didn’t want the Koreans to think less of me for photographing their toilets.

The dinner at the beginning (The hotel Parus) was chicken with pineapple and those are fried bananas on the plate.  That meal was to die for!  

The ettiquette bell is just that.  They are in the washrooms in Korea.  You push the button and it make whoooshing sounds so people don’t hear your potty sounds.  I never actually pushed the button, but Kathou did.  She thought the sound from the button was more embarassing than the actualy potty sounds.

I never did use the auto toilet.  I did carry around a 100 won coin just in case though.  I really wanted to use it, but never had the opportunity.

The Magic Clean 2000 was the toilet in our hotel room.  It had a built in bidet, backside cleaner, dryer (for your bum) and a heated seat.  Fancy!

I have to include that the Coke, Coke, Coke, Coke, Sprite or Coke is a D-ism.  And yes he did take that one photo. 

And yes, that is my hand holding the Starbucks cup and I was the one taking the photo.  Aren’t you just so jealous at my skills!  I know you are.

Next time I will make sure to get a shot of the toilet at the domestic terminal in Khabarovsk.  I hear it is… well interesting. 

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