Folding socks

There are a few things in the housecleaning world that I hate.? Hate is such a kind word for this.? It’s more like a seething rage.? It ranks right above cleaning the insides of the windows and vacuuming.? What I speak of is folding socks.? Not the socks tossed in with the other darks, but the white ones.? That load of laundry that is primarily all socks.? Add a third person in our house and now there are even more socks.

I’m the type of person that will leave the socks (undershirts, washcloths, and underwear) in the basket until the time is such that I absolutely have to fold the socks.? That time usually comes when the trusty husband dumps all of the socks on the bed and I have to fold them in order to go to sleep.? Not so trusty anymore is he?? Even then I will sit there and pick out everything that is not a sock and fold it before I succumb to touching a sock.

The reason I hate folding socks, besides the fact that I wait until every last white sock in the house is dirty before I wash them, is because there are so. damn. many.? Probably because I wait to wash them until every last one is dirty.? But then there are the trusty husband’s socks.? The boy has 2 different kinds of white socks.? I have 3.? The trusty husband?? He has 8.? 8 different types of white socks.? And he’s like a girl in that he has so many of them.? (he has more clothes than me too by the way) He will go on a business trip and forget to take white socks (or PJs or underwear) and he’ll go buy new ones.? Of course he has to buy the most convenient ones so they never are the same brand as the ones he already has.? Thus 8 different kinds of socks.

Today I was forced to fold the socks.? We have people from Derek’s corporate office (I invited them) coming for dinner.? This means I had to actually clean my house.? Not that we live in shambles, but I didn’t think piles of laundry and food crusted to the dining room table would make a good impression on someone that may some day hire Derek and move us to Wisconsin (not that that is even in the cards at this very second, stop hyperventilating mom).? This visit also necessitated that I fold the socks, which have been sitting in the basket for a good 3 days.

There has to be an easier way of doing this that doesn’t involve me pinning them together before I put them in the wash because ewww.? What’s worse than folding socks?? Touching my husband’s dirty socks.? So I devised a plan to tackle this mountain of laundry.? You see not only were every pair of socks we own in this basket, but every one of Derek’s under shirts, all of my white underwear, every white washcloth and every white dish towel.? I haven’t done whites for a while.

So I sorted.? I folded towels (which I like to do) and the other non-sock items.? I put my socks in one pile, the boy’s socks in another and the trusty husband’s back in the basket.? I considered leaving them there and telling him to fold his own damn socks, but the corporate people are showing up with him.? Coincidentally, I considered throwing the whole basket in the closet and saying screw it to the whole thing.? I was nice and folded the socks.? I did the boy’s first, then mine and then mumbled under my breath as I did Derek’s.? Took me 20 minutes to get the whole load done.

Works for me.

Now I just have to find a short cut for mopping the bathroom floors.

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  1. Mopping is the chore I loath. That and cleaning the bathtub. Anyway, the reason folding socks doesn’t make that list? I don’t do it. Nope. I fold the girl’s only and that is only because she is too wiggly to wait while I dig through her draw to find matching socks. We each have a sock drawer. Socks are put into the sock drawer exactly as they exit the dryer. If hubby wants his socks mated prior to wearing them, he is more than welcome to do so. Otherwise he roots around and finds a match in the morning while getting dressed. And most of my socks are the same so I don’t even have to pay attention when I pull out socks. I decided life was too short to fold socks.

  2. DebiP says: Reply

    Elle get a mesh bag for you and for Derek and for the boy and put the socks in there then wash them in there and then they are separated all you have to do is match them…I loathe socks too and I do not do this but I have heard from SOOOOO MANY that it really works…I make the boys do their own now…surprisingly they are both good at it…

    The heck with your mom. You had me hyperventilating over a move to Wisconsin…if you move I would be the luckiest blog reader ever…and our Russia boys could be friends… that would be soo dern cool…but there is not street drawing that I know of around here and finding a cute little town like the one you live in would be difficult to …but yea me I could meet you

  3. I’m with Michelle, we each have our sock drawer. And the socks get dumped into the drawer from the dryer. And the mesh bag would make it even easier, just take the bag, empty it into the drawer and your done!

  4. Rhonda says: Reply

    Looking at the pile of socks on my couch as I type this…

  5. mom says: Reply

    Hey…ta heck with DebiP! Listen sister, your vote doesn’t count on this one. There’s two sets of grandparents in WA state who’s hair stands on end at the mere mention of Wisconsin! Ifin ya wanna live near Elle, I’ll be the first to recommend a good Realtor. Ah hell… I’ll even help ya move. But never mention The “WIS” state in my presence! Where’s a paper bag… quick I NEED A PAPER BAG!!!!!

  6. kate says: Reply

    I vote you make sock puppets with all CS’s mismatched socks and make him buy the same brand from now on. Then, they all match. Wrong brand bought=googly eyes and pom pons on his tootsies.

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