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You would think that with all that bitching and moaning I did about having to wait so damn long for my child to come home that I would be the first person to post all about how great our first Easter/Christmas/Thanksgiving/or any other holiday was. You still haven’t gotten photos from Christmas, I didn’t take any of my child on Thanksgiving and Easter? I spent the whole morning in the church kitchen helping cook breakfast for 500 congregation members. So my holidays with my child to date have been less than stellar. Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast on Christmas and yesterday was a hoot too. I am just so stinkin’ tired that the most I can think about is what holiday is coming up next that will fulfill my now dependence on candy. I only have about 10 little Twix bars left in the bag and Mega Bullseye store isn’t going to have them anymore (or at least on sale).

Seriously, our Easter was great. I got up at the butt-crack of dawn, had about 2 swigs of coffee and headed out the door. I did get to go to church at 11:00 but I sat through the service thinking that 1/2 of the sanctuary could smell nothing but my reeking stench of hashbrowns and pancakes. After a serious lack of coffee and bossing teenagers around all morning we headed off to a local fancy restaurant for brunch. There was no way in hell I was going to cook anything on Easter Sunday. My feet hurt, my head hurt from lack of caffeine, and the brunch at said fancy restaurant… so ridiculously overpriced for the crap we were fed. Very disappointing. But the company was fantastic and the boy didn’t fling expensive scrambled eggs across the place.

We got the child home without falling asleep in the car and put him down for a nap. I stripped off my trans-fat-free-coconut-oil-stinking clothes and donned oh-so comfy sweats. My MIL fell asleep as soon as her butt hit the couch and the trusty husband, the FIL and SIL all watched the golf tournament while I filled little plastic Easter eggs with jelly beans and hid them all over the house. When the boy woke up from his nap we sent him on his egg hunt. He didn’t get very far before his Auntie G opened and egg and showed him there were jelly beans inside. So with every egg he found he handed it to me and said, “open.” To which I dropped it in his basket and said, “ohhh look! There’s one over there.” “open”

Dinner consisted of store brand frozen pizza and enough wine to make the headache go away. I then soaked in a burning hot tub to try and burn the pancakes smell out of my skin. It worked quite well and I went to bed smelling like fresh clean hippie.

My Easter and Holy Week were quite good actually. I had a bit of a dear Lord personal religious moment on Good Friday. Happens to me every year. Despite the fact that I stunk all day long and no amount of Irish Coffee would make up for my earlier lack of caffeinated beverage Easter Sunday was wonderful. I had my little boy dressed in a seersucker suit and dammit if he wasn’t just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.


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  1. Yeah about four thousand people asked me if I had his picture taken with the easter bunny yesterday and it honestly never even occurred to me to do it (not that I would anyway) “Firsts” are overrated…it’s the “every days” that count, right?

    Great family pic!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    That boy is so cute… a realy charmer in that pale blue jacket and might I add that your hair is looking totally amazing as well.

    You have imspired me to get a new cut… no color… we all know how I deal with color changes

  3. He is looking pretty handsome in that little suit!

  4. Well, in typical Elle fashion, that sounds like a pretty busy day! I’m glad the boy had fun and liked the Easter Egg hunt. He looks adorable in his little suit!

  5. Jenny says: Reply

    Holy Moly, how many pictures are you going to post of yourself!! You guys look wonderful and happy and I love love love the boys outfit!!!

    I am glad you had a nice easter. I was thinking of you all week and how busy you must be at church.

    I spent church sunday, hoping the renewal of our baptismal vows didn’t mean the girls were baptized. (weird catholic thing) and hoping that Mia didn’t pick up the crappy behavior of the bad kid in front of us. (she stared at him the whole time).

    happy easter elle!!!

  6. okay that suit is adorable! love it!

    sounds like you had a nice Easter… can’t believe you had time for wine and a hot bath! sounds great!

  7. Sounds like you had a busy (but good) Easter! I know no one ever tells you the boy is precious (haha), so I’ll take the time to tell you myself! He is a doll!

  8. Tori says: Reply

    What a beautiful family picture! It definetly deserves to be in a frame.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  9. You have a beautiful family!!

  10. What a great family pic, love your hair and O and D look very handsome:)

  11. He is absolutely adorable in his suit. I’m with you; while I really like the holidays, it usually takes me days to recover from them. I much prefer the ordinary “everydays” with my little boys.

  12. DebiP says: Reply

    seer sucker…got to love it…sweater vest next year K?? love the family picture…it is nice to put a face to CS..and your hair is sooooo adorable.

  13. Kate says: Reply

    Wow, you know how you build a mental image in your head? I always thought you had brown long hair, how weird is that?!
    I love your hair colour!
    What a happy family you are πŸ™‚
    Sounds like you are a very giving person πŸ™‚

  14. Ingelaurie says: Reply

    Hmmm…I wonder why you smelled like coconut oil and pancakes. At least we didn’t cook the bacon at the church this year. That was way too much last year. Thanks for all of your help. I love your family pic.

  15. Gaye says: Reply

    Oleg and Captain Smartypants look so much alike in this picture…even the cute rosy cheeks πŸ™‚

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