First Day of Kindergarten

Whoa! Wait a minute. Just the other week I was bitching that the boy wasn’t potty trained and therefore could not go to preschool and here I am talking about kindergarten. I think I would fall over and die from the slow internet from having to send my baby to kindergarten already. Hell, just thinking about sending him off to preschool is bad enough. What, with all the other kids, and independence and oh my gosh he might have to put his coat on by himself and he just can’t do that very well, who will help him, I’m not there every second. Who will kiss the boo boo when he does the kamikaze leap move from is toddler chair?

Where was I? Oh yeah, kindergarten.

Today was my 5 year old niece’s first day of kindergarten and I got to be there for it. It’s a darn good thing too because if I wasn’t the only photo of her would be the obligatory stand in front of the fireplace photos the trusty SIL takes. Not to dis my SIL’s photo taking abilities, but she had a bit of a blonde moment and forgot her camera at home. Annie Missy to the rescue. Don’t worry trusty MIL there is documentation of this momentous event in Elle fashion. Sadly, I don’t have my card reader with me to download the photos off my camera. Either Derek has it in his bag and that crap-head he is still in San Francisco or I left it at home. The latter is the likely culprit.

There were tears on the part of the 5 year old, maybe a few from her mother and plenty on the part of the 5 year old’s cousin (aka. the boy). You see… we keep telling the boy that he has to use the big boy potty in order to go to school. Thus the no diapee, no pottee debate in our house. His Uncle Wayne is even trying to bribe him with money. So the boy makes us feel better this morning and takes a sit (I said SIT) on the potty. Didn’t go (naturally) and now he thinks he gets to stay at school. Sorry little one, not the way it works. Hopefully he now has a little better understanding of what school is all about and might get the connection between school and potty. Of course he’s focusing on the minute details. I get to go to school ergo I get to ride the school bus. Isn’t he going to be pissed when he finds out there is no bus to his preschool.

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    I totally read Sit as the other word and had to go back and read again!

    hurry home little elle.

  2. Lena says: Reply

    My princess is the same way with the p-word (potty) and preschool … if I even mention big girls use the potty she runs the other direction screaming.

    But I have figured out the bribe for successful completion of potty training (a doll) and I’m daydreaming about the day (probably after the holidays) when princess can join big brother at preschool for a few days of the week.

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    Have no fear it will happen…maybe if you did not want it sooo much it would happen…you know kinda like if you adopt you will get Pregnant.

  4. Bev Lindholm says: Reply

    Thanx for the great first-day-of-kindergarten blog – you have such a way with words! :-)) I really was hoping for some pix via the internet this afternoon – one of you forgets the camera, the other forgets the download doo-hickey! TSK-TSK! This is mommy-amnesia at it’s worst! Dad and I have quite the mental picture of the boy sitting on the potty with Uncle Nayne waving money at him! Ha! 3 DebiP hit the nail on the head with her comment. Hope ya’all haven’t melted yet . . . the weather here today was PURR-FECT with sunshine and cloudless sky. It’s supposed to “shower’ here on Saturday and then get sunny again. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday at the airport. Keep having a super time in Sac! Luv ya, MIL and FIL

  5. Lauren says: Reply

    Oh he will be so pissed when he finds out there is no bus. Belle so wants to ride the bus to and from school but sadly that is just not an option with my schedule.

  6. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Did you call your husband a crap-head? That’s MY term of endearment for mine. How sweet!

  7. Wow! The first day of kindergarten! I’m so not ready for that, either! Congrats to SIL for getting her little girl off to school!

    Quin started toddler school (pre-pre school) this week, and the trick that the teachers use to toilet train (which is 50% of the curriculum) is they have the child pull get a new diaper, get a wipe, down their pants, remove the old diaper, clean themselves off (teacher checks to make sure they’re clean), put on new diaper (with help), pull up pants, and wash hands. I’m also tired of diapers, and I think we’re going to start doing this at home as well. I just needed two nights of good sleeping (starting solids is wonderful for sleeping) before I could face doing it. Now if only I could cure the whining….

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