Filters and Fans

The Summer switch was finally turned on today. ?Please note that it is July 6th. ?There is an old adage that Summer starts on July 7th in the Northwest. ?This year that is most certainly true. ?Last year we had a wonky summer where it was smoking hot in early June and then cooled off and then we got blasted with 100+ degree heat in July. ?This year we’ve barely gotten above 70 degrees. ?It was one of the coldest Mays and Junes on record.

This week will change all of that.

The current forecast is for it to be in the upper 80s in Seattle. ?That means over 90 here. ?Remember, we don’t have air conditioning. ?To prepare myself I have set up the pool and while I was at Target yesterday (looking for pool stuff) I picked up a new box fan.

Every year the trusty husband waits until it is 400 degrees in our house to go out looking for more fans. ?We already have 5. ?I grew me some smarts this year and bought a new box fan to replace the one that sounds like a jet engine. ?I’ve also purchased a 6 pack of filters for our pool. ?Stores run out of those early too.

I think I’m set for the weather… of course in 8 days I’ll say see ya and let the boys deal with it while I sweat it out in hot AND humidity.

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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    It’s been beastly here too, but much cooler and less humid at the beach. Of course our last day in Galveston was marred by blobs of oil and tar on the beach. How sad is it that we have to scrub our kids with WD40 after a day at the beach. Throw some ice cubes into the pool, fix a frozen drink and kick back and relax!

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