Family update

I’ve always been of the mindset that if I didn’t have something to write about it was better to not force it. ?I’m pretty sure I’m right about that. ?I always hate it when people apologize for not blogging in such a long time and then they stop again. ?Man alive that’s annoying.

My lack of inspiration comes from my brain being totally fried because of excessive yard work. ?Somehow shoveling dirt makes those last two brain cells work extra hard rendering them useless in any other capacity. ?Or maybe it is because they are running around saying, “what do we do?!” while watching my child romp and play on a pile of bark dust (in shorts and no shoes). ?Doesn’t that make you cringe just a little bit? ?It does me because I picked about 400 splinters out of my feet yesterday.

So since you always get an update on me I’ll do a little on on the remaining members of our household.

The trusty husband:

He too contracted the not-swine-flu-although-we-now-think-it-might-have-been. ?He was a saint and took care of the child while I lay on my death bed. ?When I got a little better I took care of the child so he could die in peace. ?Luckily neither of us died, but the child still gets chips for snack. ?In the test of wills I won as Derek caved and went to the doctor. ?He was diagnosed with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. ?I, however, continue to incubate the super virus. ?In addition to being sick I roped him into a gardening project where this weekend he will have to build 2 small retaining walls. ?He will do it because he loves me, but will secretly plot to smother me in my sleep.

The boy:

For sale: 1 small child. ?Only whines, argues, cries and sasses 90% of the time. ?The remaining 10% he is an adorable little angel. ?This time I’m actually joking.

He has gotten to the age where you can almost reason with him. ?Although we have our moments. ?Like how he refuses to believe that there are not chunks in his strawberry yogurt despite us telling him every day that the chunks are in Daddy’s yogurt, not his. ?He still plays mostly alone, but is figuring out that friends are pretty cool. ?He is no longer afraid of pine cones. ?The exact opposite really. ?He now collects them. ?That was pretty annoying at first, but is becoming more fun. ?He is discovering that there are different types and pretty soon we’ll pull out the book learn the real names of the trees (insert plant geek language here).

Naps are becoming fewer and fewer, but that will be ok in the summer. ?We have plenty to keep us busy.

He has become quite the little hockey player. ?He now works with his coaches instead of clinging to his father. ?It took the right wording to make that happen. ?He also skates the whole hour with his stick and is finally trying to go after the puck. ?We figure by the end of next year the NHL should be calling.

Fat & Dumb:

still fat and still dumb only with 20% more throwing up.

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    I am going to blog and then don’t … that’s me. I annoy myself with that.

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