Fair and not fair

Evidently following directions is not your strong suit.  Your instructions were to tell me why you want to be a taste tester and either your best tequila story or your best excuse for missing work.  Leaving me a comment on Facebook does not count because I clearly left the link to the previous post in the tweet/facebook update.  So since the majority of you were unable to follow directions I decided to do a random drawing.  There were 10 comments.  I entered those factors into random.org and came up with this:

Since #7 is Joel and Joel is already a taste tester by default (his wife was a pre-selected taste tester) I had to get a random 4th number.  Here is that one:

So Lauri, Mandy, Heather and Noreen are my chosen 4.  I will send your boxes out tomorrow.  Heather I will send your out later this week so they don’t sit at the post office and for the record you are the one who chose to take my godchildren to Disneyland.


On a wholly different candy related subject… the trusty husband went to Trader Joes tonight and brought home chocolate covered caramels.  Why in the hell would he bring home candy when there is 2 boxes of truffles in the fridge?  Beats me.  So after dinner I asked him to bring me one of the caramels he brought home.  He said no.  I mocked him so he wouldn’t give me any.  I said fine and that I would get it myself.  His response…

Let’s zoom out a little shall we?

He put them on top of the kitchen wall.  He said I could have one if I apologized for mocking him.  I refused so I waited until he moved them to another part of the wall that I could reach.  This is where they ended up.  I need a chair or stool to get them now.  Does he not understand I am a woman in need of chocolate?  Oh wait… there are 2 boxes in my fridge.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    ahh… yet another place for me to look! (evil laughter)
    PS I never did follow directions well 😉

  2. lauri says: Reply


  3. lauri says: Reply

    I thought the tequila story or missing work story were just examples…. I could of swore you said tell any story…. who cares… bring on the chocolate. lol

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