Explainations are in order

I have been so busy with work, sick kid, quilting project, and trying to update this site that I haven’t had time to write about all the stuff I really want to write about. Like why the hell do I have to rip out my zucchini when I didn’t even get a single fruit off of it! Stupid bugs. Then there’s that whole big white elephant of how’s the acupuncture going. The short answer is fine. I also have a public service announcement about what not to do when… The list goes on and on. Would the world wait just a minute so I can catch up please? No?

So let’s get to the heart of the matter.

If you (mom) happened upon my site last night and found a password it was because I was doing these lovely updates to the template that you see before you. It was a more complex maneuver than the simple test it in another site, drag it over and marvel in my coding genius. It required uploads of plugins, rearranging widgets and… you’re falling asleep aren’t you.

You might be in shock and awe that Elle would even consider a stock template. Yep. It’s a stock template. To be truthful coding for WordPress is a pain in the ass and I don’t like doing it. I usually find a stock template I like the layout of and do some modifications. I found this template and started to do my usual mods to it. That was until I realized that holy hell! That’s a lot of graphics to redo and files to work through and wait! this template is widget ready. mmmm widgets. (sorry had a Homer moment there) WordPress made a widget feature in the new version similar to the blogger one, only better. So now if I want to change something I don’t have to open up programmer’s notepad, make the code change, open up the FTP client, move the files…. oh the agony. I now drag and drop. No more looking at code. I can free up space in my brain for something more important like why the hell I have to rip out my zucchini even though I didn’t get any fruit.

And the ads. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice those. Umm, those are not ads you see on the right. Jedi mind trick not working? Damn. It works on the boy.

Remember this little post that Rhonda put up a few weeks back? I told the trusty husband about it and he said to go for it. Now blah blah, Elle you’ve always been against ads. I know. But I started to think about it. I pay for this site. Really. Money comes out of my pocket to pay for the domain name and for it to be hosted by Habib’s hosting company. *note to self: find new hosting company* Then there’s that whole giving away free advice for stuff. I regularly semi-regularly occasionally write articles on gardening. Those articles get me tons of emails asking for more advice. I love this. I do. But in the real world… I get paid $40 an hour to spew gardening advice. I do it for free to the internets because I love you that much. I give out adoption assvice and evidently people find my little bits on parenting useful. I don’t know why, I’m just trying not to screw my kid up. Either way, that amounts to lots of free advice.

So yes. I sold out. I sold out and I like it.

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  1. Oh who the hell cares if you have ads? Not me. Just glad when I opened this site and thought – wait a minute in panic – that you are still here with us spewing your nonsense, assvice and whatever else. 🙂

  2. Mom says: Reply

    Too much information. Your new site is very busy but if you reap some rewards…well great! I’m reading your blog to stay updated in your life since you won’t poo bomb the lady next door. As for advice and assvice, I won’t need any of the latter…but there is always a gardening ? that might arise and Mama gets that for free. Right?

  3. Ads? You don’t have to apologize for ads! It is your space – do with it what you will! We don’t care. I’ve considered it since I had to switch to a hosting service rather than us hosting it ourselves but am just too damn lazy to research and do anything about it. I did come across the password last night and panicked a little – glad you are back to public.

    You get paid for gardening advice in the real world? How cool is that?!? I didn’t know that…I think that sounds like great fun.

  4. Dana says: Reply

    You didn’t sell out. It’s like homemade brownies versus store bought. Of course homemade are better. But sometimes store bought are pretty good, too.

  5. Wendy says: Reply

    Ads? What ads? The snappy new template catches the eye! I’m lovin it. I also love your assvice, parenting stories and sense of humor. Gotta get my daily Elle fix.

  6. Carrie says: Reply

    Ads!?! Well, that’s it! I’m never coming back here again!!!

    OK, really…who cares. It’s your site do whatever makes you happy… Including giving that awesome dragon design to me. 🙂 Can I say that I liked that one much, much better than this one? But I do understand the widget love. I haven’t found a way to switch my blogger template to the new widget version yet and I so, so wish I could. I’m just not that good at all that HTML crap.

  7. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I am blinded by your writing and creative (yet stock) template. I have no problem with ads here. Now, I have problems with ads at the movie theater……..

  8. meh

    ads? what ads?

    I don’t even seem them….

    Gotta love Schoolhouse Rocks 😀

  9. Jenny says: Reply

    I love that you sold out. Dude everyone does it at some time. I did! Sometime, I am sure.

    I think the new site is funny!

    And you know I will read. And you know I will pay you for gardening stuff. And the advice, well as I told Conor tonight, I learned all about attachment from BLOGS! Not one single book, all blogs all the time and let me say, it really did work, cause my kids are attached! Keep on keeping on…off to watch the OC!

  10. Rhonda says: Reply

    I love the new look! And Yay for selling out 🙂

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