Expensive dilemma

I have a love of cameras. However, it is a love of print cameras. You know? those old fashioned kind that you have to manually load film into and then take said film to a developer and wait daaaays for them to give your prints back. On top of that you have to pay through the nose for digital copies because their high res scanners are much better than your crappy (ok, not so crappy, but not high res) Epson. Those cameras.

Some of the best photos I?ve taken have been on a film camera. I?ve gone over this before haven?t I? Anyway, one of my pride and joys is a Mamiya 645E. It is a medium format. It is a monster. They don?t make this camera anymore.

Here?s my problem. I wanted to try my best to take some photos of the lunar eclipse last night. I knew it was a long shot. The moon was right over my neighbor?s house in which they have a giant metal halide light causing the worst light pollution, but I thought I?d give it a shot.? I pulled out my 35mm and a couple of telephoto lenses and may have gotten some decent shots.? That remains to be seen.

When I pulled out the 645 I tried to set up the camera, advance the film and the like, but the crank wheel was jammed.? Jammed and jammed and jammed.? I opened the back, oops? there was film in that.? Then figuring I wasted that roll (of expensive Kodak T Max 400) I put in a second roll (of less expensive film) and still jammed.? Third roll, still jammed.? Fuck.

We searched the internet, did everything that we could short of chucking the damn thing out the window and praying for the best.? The trusty husband emailed the company and here is their response:


We would need to see the body to make proper assessment. ?Please send the camera into the address below,
Attn. Repair Dept, please attach a small note on the issue.

Anthony Pak
MAC Group
8 Westchester Plaza
Elmsford, NY 10523
(914) 347-3300

Helluva lot of help they are.? So now I have to either take my very expensive camera to a very expensive local shop or risk sending it in the mail to the manufacturer.? I?m screwed.

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