Even better

*again, the bedtime story*

Trusty Husband: What letter is that?

The boy: L

Trusty Husband: And what is that a picture of?

The boy: The Stanley Cup

In the book L is for “Lord Stanley’s Cup.”? The official name of the cup.

Why in the world do I have to wait until he is 4 before I can sign him up for hockey lessons.? I think I’m calling the closest rink this week to see about midweek open ice time.? Exercise for both of us.

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    your boy is brilliant!

    hey, what’s for dinner this week?

    we are having paella monday and tuesday night. and possibly some sort of pasta/ground beef casserole thingy wednesday and thursday. it’s great cooking for only the two of us right now – meals last for days!

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Oh my!

    I can’t even tell how excited I was when I was sent out to see the Stanley Cup who was making the rounds a few years ago. My photographer snapped this great picture of me and I’m seriously grinning ear to ear.

    Hockey lessons right now!

  3. I’m sending that boy a soccer book pronto! He needs to have choices!

  4. My brother played from when he was six. Nothing cuter than seeing a little one padded to the gills with a helmet bigger than his whole body. Can’t wait to see him do it!

  5. Lena says: Reply

    As my mother once said, you can play whatever sport you want as long as you play A or B. More hockey for Oleg!

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