Enlisting Sweet Hope volunteers

Our benefit concert idea probably isn’t going to work. ?It’s a great idea and all, but neither of us are sure we could pull off the whole thing by November. ?Bummer. ?I thought that would be fun.

As you can tell I’m in Sweet Hope mode. ?I know it is still 3 months away until we even start selling, but I’m quite excited about it this year.

We are trying to find ways to expand our operation thus expanding the amount of money we are making. ?This means we need to come up with an advertising strategy. ?Lucky for us we have a good way of spreading the word of how good the truffles are. ?That would be the truffles themselves. ?Have you had one yet? ?If you haven’t you should order (Starting November 9th).

We are trying to get a feel for who would be interested in helping out. ?We’ve had many people say that if they lived in Washington they would come over and help me make truffles. ?I really appreciate that and if you did I would totally take you up on the offer. ?Good thing I have a great group of friends around here willing to help out.

Here is our proposal to those who would like to become Sweet Hope volunteers that cannot physically come to our house to make chocolates. ?We are recruiting sales volunteers. ?As a Sweet Hope sales person we would send you a sample box of ?truffles (only one variety) and business cards. ?Your job would be to give away samples of the truffles to people along with the business cards. ?Tell people how yummy the truffles are and get them to order. ?Ideally, we would like to recoup the cost of making the truffles and cards and ask that if you are interested please make a donation of $5-10 and cover the cost of shipping the samples to you. ?We don’t know how much that would be yet. ?Right now we are just looking for people who might be interested.

This isn’t a way for you to get cheap candy. ?The point is for you to spread the word about Sweet Hope and help us generate extra orders. ?It is a good thing we are doing around here. ?If you are interested leave a comment or email me at elle@lifeofelle.com.

In addition to this opportunity I will have a button available in the coming months for you to put on your website. ?And that is totally free.

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  1. Jenni says: Reply

    If I’m teaching this year, I’ll definitely be a sales volunteer. Teachers are always craving good chocolate, and I bet I could find a lot of people who would like to order some Sweet Hope Truffles. I’ll get in touch with you once I know more.

  2. joel413 says: Reply

    I’d like to volunteer and take a box of chocolates to work. I can’t wait for you guys to get 501(c)3 status so that you can be added to the Combined Fund Drive!!!

  3. Tracy says: Reply

    Count me in! I work at Thrivent’s Operation Center in Appleton, WI and women LOVE chocolate.

  4. Rhonda says: Reply

    Count me in!!

  5. Tricia says: Reply

    I’m in …

  6. I can do a button, if you can figure out where to put it, have no one to try to market to. Brian already buys!

  7. I live in Tacoma and can help you make truffles. Will you be making caramels again? I hate to be a heathen but I liked the truffles I bought last year but i LOVED the caramels. I can help sell them, too. I work in Seattle. Those Girl Scout parents OWE me! 😀

  8. Trish says: Reply

    I will do what I can. Any chance of making a Facebook page with a link to the website?

  9. Kami says: Reply

    I would LOVE to help sell for you! Just let me know! Great idea!!!

  10. […] ?Become a fan if you haven’t already. ?You can also volunteer to be a chocolate “sales person“. ?Email me for more information or to […]

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