Elle’s world

Most of the time it is a happy sunny place. Not to say that it is full of meadows blooming with wildflowers, but it could be.

Lately however, Elle’s world is wet. We are at our 17th straight day of rain. Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t consider all 17 days to be “rainy”, but I would say that some form of non frozen precipitation has fallen from the sky for 17 days straight. In the northwest we are like native Alaskans defining snow with our definitions of “rain.” There is drizzle, mist, Oregon Missed, showers, rain and then there is wet! Hey this is Washington, it is wet here. But come on. It has rained non stop all day here and frankly I am getting sick of it. Every day it rains is another day that the leaves I didn’t rake are getting melted into my flower beds. They simply make walking up the front sidewalk treacherous. Coming to my house could result in a broken ankle or something!

I know, I know, “the rain keeps everything green.” I don’t really care about green at this point. I just want a decent hair day for christ’s sake! I have that nasty semi-naturally curly hair. You know the kind. They type that turns into a frizzy afro the moment you step out side with a humidity level above 4%. Man Vegas was nice! The worst part is, now that my hair is starting to grow back after the “stress related falling out incident” it is coming in even curlier! AHHHHH! I am doomed I tell you.

So Elle’s world is, lets say, wet with a strong chance of crankiness followed by mostly moist and an even bigger chance of “I will mow someone down with my car if they mention my hair.”

Hope all your days are sunny and bright.

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