Elle’s Day

So after careful review yesterday was yet again another wasted day. What exactly did Elle accomplish?

1. Showered, and applied make-up
2. Cleaned up the breakfast dishes
3. Grocery shopped (I even went 3 different places to get everything)
4. I did actually cook dinner. (it wasn’t done until about 8:15, but I cooked!)
5. I worked on the quilt I started for myself.
6. Watched Mission Impossible while working on the quilt
7. came up with a new fundraiser idea that I pitched to D.
8. Carried on an Instant Messenger conversation about said fundraiser.
9. Found a new fundraiser in the mean time, an proceeded to carry on another conversation with D.
10. Eventually folded the sheets that were on the sofa. Of course that was at D’s prompting when he brought them into the bedroom and threw them on the bed. Come on people, they are queen sized sheets and I am little. I needed his help anyway.

And the number of times Elle checked her email yesterday: about 15. of course many of those were simply because I was carrying on a conversation with a girlfriend and happened to be sitting in front of the computer.

Well today is my church 1/2 day so it has to be productive. Of course I work from 12-4:30 then have a meeting at 6, another at 7 and then choir at 8. So I won’t be home until around 9:30 or so.

On a side note I did buy myself some flowers yesterday. Pink Tulips and white Alstromeria. Put it in a white vase… very pretty and chic. I also treated myself to a Coke. I lifted it from the youth fridge at the church, but gosh darn it I was certain the awaited email wouldn’t come yesterday and I needed a treat.

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