Elle the action figure

As my official trading card states I like “legal and potent methods to boost votes.”? Trading card?? Oh yeah… this:

(please note perkiness of boobs, thanks Stowe)

And vote?? Yeah that chalk challenge thing.? The prize at stake is a $75 gift certificate to El Gaucho.? That will buy me a handsome dinner (the trusty husband is on his own, and the boy isn’t invited).

So if you happen to read this prior to midnight Pacific time? go over here and vote.? I would link to my photo set, but sadly Picassa is being stoopit and not working.? I don’t care just take a look at all of the fantastic work that people can produce with chalk (and maybe a little bit of cowboy charcoal).

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Uh… I love your trading card (perky boobs and all) but I don’t ever ever ever recall you wearing a baseball cap. Perhaps your focus should have been more on your feet! Shoes Elle, shoes!

  2. Um, I still don’t regret taking that photo. 🙂

  3. Willow says: Reply

    rack it up girl! jelousy comin your way from small boobs over here 🙂 how’s your new wardrobe workin out? 🙂

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