Elle needs a new pair of shoes

For starters my personal cookie day went very well yesterday. I made 2 types of cookies, hot buttered rum mix, cocoa mix and botched a bowl full of peanut brittle. I knew I was pushing my luck with trying to make candy after spending two solid weeks of making the stuff. Not exactly sure how one can burn peanut brittle while following directions, but if anyone has our family cookbook eliminate one of the “microwave for 3 minutes” steps and I think you will be good. While I was out purchasing the ingredients for the cookie day I also picked up some stocking stuffers. So now I am down to needing to purchase 4 Christmas gifts. Oh, and get the boy?s social security number. I fear the Social Security office more than I fear the post office.

The husband and I did get the boy out the other night to see the big fat man in red. We told him we were going to see Santa and he pretty much chanted “Santa, Santa” the whole way to the mall. $26 poorer we have our first photo with the man himself. While waiting for the photo the boy tried to make a break for it to see Santa again, but I caught him in time. This kid is in love with Santa. He has no concept that Santa brings toys on Christmas morning, but he loves Santa.

As we are leaving the mall I ask CS if we can go out through Nordstrom so I can peruse the shoe department. Talk about heaven for me. I am not allowed inside of Nordstrom unsupervised when they have their 1/2 yearly sale because of the shoe sales. For those who shop frequently with me (which is all of about 3 of you) you know I have been on the hunt for a very specific pair of shoes for close to 3 years now. This all started with one of CS?s fancy dress-up dinners for work. I had this great outfit that was begging for a pair of patent peek-a-boo toe shoes. I hunted all over the city of Portland for them with no luck. The next year I had another great outfit that the shoes would go well with too. Hunted again. Last year I had a great dress that the shoes would have gone with, but not as well as the first. Kathou and I spent an entire afternoon scouring downtown Seattle for them, but I ended up with a little pair of Steve Madden kitten heels instead. Wore those bad boys to court in Russia.

So we?re leaving the mall the other night and there like a shining beacon of beauty were the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen. Sitting high atop a display they called to me like an angel. I have now lost focus of where my son and husband have gone. I am fervently slobbering all over this magnificent specimen of a shoe. I turn the shoe over to find the price. Magic! No price tag. They must be free! Yeah right, it is Nordstrom after all. I move on to other shoe displays searching for the mate that will reveal the price. No such luck. I find the trusty husband and tell him I want those shoes. I neeeeeed those shoes. (what does a mother of a 2 year old need with a pair of black patent, peek-a-boo toe, 3 inch heals for?) I continue my hunt for the price. I can?t ask a sales clerk. Nordstrom is one of those places that if you have to ask the price you really can?t afford it. And there in the distance I see it… the exact same shoe in red. Pin-up girl, fire engine red. Black was good, but red! Beautiful gorgeous red. I think to myself, I could justify black, but red is ridiculous. I slowly turn the shoe over to reveal the price. Defeated I set the shoe back down and find myself a corner to cry in. The price was there. It was just more than I could afford. We aren?t talking Weitzman expensive, but just expensive enough to rule them out.

lollyy-black-patent.jpgAt long last I find my dream shoes only to have them so rudely ripped away. Cry for me people. Because really… aren?t they just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Steve Madden Lollyy?s. *sob*

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