Earning my mommy stripes

The child projectile vomited on me. While we were at Kathou & Paypay’s house. First time he’s puked… in 19 months… first time. I had to ride home 20 minutes while covered in child puke. Lovely. I think that officially initiates me into the mommy club.

In the mean time… here is my video from the Frost Park Chalk Challenge.

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  1. Bev says: Reply

    Way to go “Elle” – is there no end to your creativity??? The logo looked great in chalk – and had we read your email yesterday, you would have had our vote, too!! :-)) Oh, and welcome to the vast and unmeasured club of MSLV (Mommies smelling like vomit)! Luv ya! MIL

  2. Amazing you were able to pull off so many tasks simultaneously.

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    padding the vote….not a problem I am sure that others did too…I was thinking that you could take some clues from Survivorman on the video aspect of the tour…and BTW the hair looks fab like that…and I bet it helped with drawing upside down…

  4. Puke sucks. 🙂

  5. Kathou says: Reply

    You sure do earn your stripes on this one……

  6. That challenge is so cool – I hope you win, you did awesome!

  7. […] had the good fortune to actually win one week and I’m convinced it’s because it was still early in the competition’s […]

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