Dusting off this here blog

Since I’m going to be taking a very big and important trip I thought I’d dust off this here blog to share with you a little bit about my travels. I’m going to keep official Sweet Hope business on the Sweet Hope website or Facebook page and all the rest of the stories here. You can’t travel to Far East Russia and NOT have stories. Besides, I’m going by myself and won’t have anyone to talk to and I might have free time. So before I go any further about the trip let me catch you up… bullet style… on what has been going on for the past (hold on let me look) wow! 8 months.

April: nothing much happened here.
May: Mother’s Day, busy at work. Enough said.
June: My sister-in-law FINALLY completed the adoption of my wonderful, adorable nephew. I turned another year older.
July: We took our only family vacation to Eastern Washington. We were awesome parents and totally forgot the boy’s bag at home. This meant we had to go to the next town (an hour away) to purchase new clothes for him. However we did get to see the Grand Coulee Dam on the way back and if you ever visit Washington State and have the opportunity to visit the dam I highly encourage it. The children even thought it was cool (we took the boy’s best friend with us on the trip).
August: Nothing much here either. We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.
September: Back to school. I am now the parent to a 2nd grader.
October: Rain and Halloween.

Now you’re caught up. See this is why I didn’t write anything. I didn’t get puked on. I only had a few fights with my child. I didn’t have any major home improvement nightmares, I didn’t go anywhere. I worked. That is all.

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