Don’t call it a vacation

This weekend I’m spending a whole 3 nights away from my child. ?We’ve been planning this trip for a long time and the boy has known about it for a few weeks. ?All week long he has happily told his teachers 3-2-1 more sleep until I get to stay at Grammy & Papa’s for 4 sleeps*. ?All week he’s been pretending he’s excited about the idea of staying 3 nights at his grandparent’s. ?In reality he’s scared shitless. ?At almost 5 years old my child is finally going through separation anxiety. ?This is a good and a bad thing. ?Great because it is showing us that his attachment is pretty secure. ?Bad, because it makes going away very difficult.

This morning the trusty husband went into the boy’s room to get him and as soon as Derek walked in the door the boy started crying, “I don’t want you to go away for 4 nights.” ?Heartbreaking. ?He will be fine while we are gone, but will cry and be a poo when we get back. ?He takes his anger out in extreme defiance. ?Every last thing will be a monumental fight. ?I could ask him to go get himself a cookie out of the pantry and it will be screaming and gnashing of teeth.

I’m trying to prepare myself for it, but at the same time trying to stay positive and think that this time it might be different. ?Every time we go away it is an opportunity for him to learn that we do come back. ?This is the last hold out on the major PI issues the boy still faces. ?It’s a rough one.

All the separation anxiety aside, we are going somewhere pretty cool. ?We are taking 2 high school girls to Holden Village in Lucerne, WA for an event called Let Justice Roll. ?It is a Lutheran Retreat Center 1/2 way up Lake Chelan. ?The only way to get there is by a 2 hour boat ride and then a bus ride up the mountain. ?There are no phones, TV, internet or cell reception. ?There is just you, God and a bunch of teenagers. ?Crazy as I am, I’m looking forward to it.

You see… I’ve never been to Holden. ?Around here if you tell someone in the Lutheran community that you’ve never been to Holden they think you are crazy. ?Holden Village hosts youth weekends every year in May. ?Most people go as a youth. ?Others go as a youth group leader and others go just to go. ?I have been a youth group leader for almost 10 years now and I have never been. ?Just like I’ve never been to a National Youth Gathering, but that’s a different story. ?This is my opportunity to see this awesome place everyone talks about. ?I’m very excited.

We are praying for good weather, but it is the Northwest and you never know. ?There will be many photos and I’ll share them with you when I get back.

Until then I will share with you the taste test list so at least you’ll start putting Sweet Hope buttons on your sites. Curry, Lavender-Vanilla, Key Lime, Mint Julep, Cherry, Chai, Amaretto, Orange-Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter. No, there are no more taste test boxes left.


*his math isn’t poor. ?He’s at his grandparents for 3 night and then we come home late the last night where he’ll be in his own bed

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  1. Alicia says: Reply

    It is heartbreaking. Abby started breaking down this week when I was leaving for two hours of girltime AFTER HER BEDTIME. Didn’t matter that I’d planned being out when she’d likely be asleep … she wanted her mommy there. Sweet, and frustrating. And she’s almost 9 …

  2. Hope you have an amazing trip! Sounds fantastic!

  3. mom says: Reply

    It’s good for you and him! His issues are what someone a tad younger would exibit. You’re right… he has attached and this is just a normal phase in childhood. This is an awesome leap in healty growth. Have fun… he’s safe and he knows that!

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