A dog and her toilet paper

You know how some animals have this compulsion to eat certain items? ?Growing up we had a dog that would raid the bathroom garbage looking for leftover girly waste. ?With 3 women in the house it was pretty much disgusting all the time. ?One of our cats has a compulsion to lick the butter. ?That’s particularly gross since our countertops are black and the cat litter is rather dusty leaving a little trail of paw prints every morning.

Busy also has a flavor for the unusual. ?Besides the kitty roca she lurves her some toilet paper. ?The first day we left her alone for any length of time we came home to a giant mess of TP all over her bed. ?That first day it was funny. ?The second time it was less funny and then we figured out that we should probably shut the bathroom door. ?Our toilet paper holder is such that she can pull the whole roll off.

We have all become rather diligent about keeping the bathroom door shut because frankly, TP ain’t cheap and she makes an almighty mess. ?Of course she’s been known to snatch a roll while the boy is taking a shower and the trusty husband is sitting right there.

The other day she was being rather quiet and I went to check on her. ?Sho nuff, she’d snatched another roll. ?Now I was only through my morning coffee, but I could swear that both bathroom doors were shut. ?I checked, they were. ?Where the hell did she get a roll of TP? ?Um yeah, off of the kitchen table. ?I had an allergy issue the other day and was out of kleenex so I was carrying around a roll of TP. ?It was in the middle of the table and the dog is now tall enough that if she puts her front feet up on the table she can pretty much snatch anything she wants.

She’s going to be one big girl.

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  1. kim hartman says: Reply

    I would say she will be one big girl.

    I have a suggestion. Get some bitter apple spray (about $8 at any pet store), spray it on one roll of TP that you are willing to sacrafice (perhas 1/4 or a roll, it IS expensive), and leave it out for her to get herself, say off the dining room table…The taste should deter her from getting into it again, and it is harmless to pets.

    Good Luck, Lisa.

  2. elle says: Reply

    Kim, we have bitter spray, but I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll try it. I’d like to be able to leave the bathroom door open since it gets rather damp in there.

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