Does the work ever stop?

I keep clicking that “new post” button and then just sit here. ?It’s not that there haven’t been things going on ’round these parts, it’s just that… well, I just don’t have the time.

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks working on huge projects that have caused me to seriously neglect my family, my house and myself. ?One major project is finished. ?It was a 28 page book detailing every ministry opportunity our church offers. ?Not only did it have descriptions it had photos, contact (name, email and phone number) information, age ranges and when the group meets. ?I would like to say I’m very happy with my work, but after 4 weeks of toil I’m irritated that there are some glaring errors. ?Like oh…. I forgot to put in the preschool. ?The preschool that I love so much and that my son attends.

Then there is the website I’m working on. ?Talk about another monumental undertaking. ?Fortunately, I’m not actually coding this one. ?I don’t think I possibly could. ?I was just hired to do the layout and graphics. ?Only thing is that it’s a graphics intensive site with 3 different page layouts and different graphics and images for every single page. ?Oy. ?I have the basics sent off to the developers, but now I have to start on the finishing graphics. ?Those include images from Peru, Ecuador, Tibet, Bhutan, China and Nepal. ?All with accompanying custom maps. ?I’m very excited to show this one off when it’s finished. ?The group I’m working with kicks ass and they make working fun.

In addition to those two major projects I also worked up 2 new brochures for the church and reworked about 6 others. ?Can you tell that Sunday was Ministry Fair day? ?Most people who work in church ministry find Easter or Christmas to ?be their busiest times of the year. ?Not me. ?For me it is Rally Day (Ministry Fair day) and Annual Meeting time. ?I do publications, what can I say.

Today I am taking the day to work on a few graphics and tomorrow totally off. ?I have grand plans to set a lawn chair up outside and watch workers install a new roof on my house. ?If the wireless reaches all the way outside I might even live blog it. ?If not, expect a video.

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  1. Margaret says: Reply

    I’m here to tell you that yes. The work does stop. And it’s not fun. Be grateful for too much work. It’s a good problem to have.

  2. Lauri says: Reply


    I am waiting for the work to begin

  3. mom says: Reply

    A new roof, yay! Work… (big sigh) Still counting down the days.

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