Died and gone to heaven

Yesterday the boy and I were at the grocery picking up stuff to make a giant lasagna since my house was going to be filled with teenagers last night. While at the grocery I was smart enough to remember that I was almost out of Pfizer gold and needed the prescription refilled. (aren’t you proud I did it before I ran out) So as I’m having a heart attack when the pharmacist tells me how much I owe the boy watches a girl roll by on a pair of Heelys. “Her’s skating!” he proclaims to me. I informed my small child they didn’t make Heelys in his size (please don’t dispel either of us of that myth) and he would have to wait a few years. “I want to go play hockey*,” he replies. I almost burst into tears in the middle of the pharmacy. Although one could surmise that I was reeling from the amount of cash I have to shell out for that damn allergy medicine.

Since “the kids” were coming last night we couldn’t take advantage of the Friday night open skate at our local hockey rink. Cause really, when my son says he wants to go play hockey I’m all over that like Adrian Brody. I told him we could go play tomorrow (today). I casually mentioned it while all 3 of us were laying in bed this morning and I think the boy squeed a bit. Wait, maybe that was me. But open skate at the rink we go to isn’t until 1:00. So we have to wait a bit.

Knowing that open skate didn’t start until 1:00 the trusty husband said that while we are out we should make a stop by DSW. I may or may not have fainted at that point. Honestly it is so he can get a new pair of tennis shoes, which I swore I would never go do with him again, but he promised that he would be buying tennis shoes at DSW from now on. Um hellooooo new pair of boots for Elle.

Therefore you get a post at 10:00 a.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. because I think I may actually die from a perfect day. Hockey and shoes… it doesn’t get any better than that.


*which isn’t really hockey. it’s more of skating in a circle like lemmings going no where, but shhhh, don’t tell him that.

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  1. You are so funny. I hope you’re enjoying your day! And also I request that no one dispel the Heelys myth. I honestly hope those things are out of style by the time my boy is old enough for them. I’m sure there will be something else, though. Anyway – do enjoy your day!

  2. DebiP says: Reply

    as the mom to a 6 year old I can safely tell you that I have not seen Heely’s much smaller then my boys size…you are safe for now. We own them and he is getting better but honestly we have so many restrictions on when and where they can be worn I do not know why he still wanted them. But he is getting better after nearly a year….

    Elle it sounds like you have the perfect day going..good for you…we all need one now and then…and BTW I have a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey with my name on it anytime you want a face off with me…(the jersey is because of my love of the penguin not the love of PA)…maybe we can get a face off between the boys some day!!

  3. I’m not sure which reaction is strongest: rolling my eyes (hockey??!!) or laughing! Kiddo just woke up, can’t comment more (really!)!

  4. Tricia says: Reply

    post more skating videos of the boy! does he have an agent already?

  5. Andi says: Reply

    Haha fantastic! We’re right to trust you’ll take reams of photos, right?

    Is your house like ours around Christmas time, all the family lined up in front of the game? Actually, my sister told her boy friend he was “in” the moment he asked my grandmother ” . . . do you mind if I turn on the hockey game?”

    My grandmother nearly cried too, she was so proud my sister finally found a keeper 😛

  6. Debbie says: Reply

    What an amazing day. Hope both events went well.

  7. Kim says: Reply

    That does sound like a great day. Are you going to let him play real hockey when he gets a little older? My son has played since he was 4, he is 11 now. He loves it and has made some great friends that way.

    I have something for you over at my blog. http://bitterball.blogspot.com/2007/11/i-was-given-award-make-that-2-awards.html

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