I have gotten a few comments here and at Unexpected Miracles for requests for designs.  I apologized if I haven’t gotten back to you.  I am extremely flaky right now and can’t be relied upon for squat.  That being said I do want to look at working on some designs for you guys.  I can’t remember who wants designs.  So here is a lesson in following directions.  To qualify for a design you must complete the following tasks.  (did I mention designs are free?)

1. you must be an adoptive parent or Pre-adoptive parent.  Just because they need some pampering right now.  I’ll get to the rest of you in a while. 

2. email me with your name or "name" and your blog url.  You have to have an existing blog.  The trick is my email address isn’t listed on this site.  (I don’t think, remember I am dumb)  So you have to find it.  Hint: a link to the location is in this post.

3. leave me a comment to make me feel better about myself.

4. your blog must be hosted by blogger or blogsome.  My mental capacity for designing for other hosts is limited.  I am too tired to learn something new right now. 

I want your url because I do go and read everyone’s blogs.  That blog roll over there ———————>  I have read the all the content on each.  Yes, I need more to do with my life, but it is just what makes me a decent designer.  So if you follow all of these simple instructions I will consider you for the next Elle Makeover.  (no you will not be featured in a high fashion magazine with a similiar name, but I will make your blog pretty)

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