I woke up this morning to the trusty husband standing in the closet saying, “oh shit.”? If that isn’t enough to make me at least mutter, “wha?” I don’t know what else would.? We were out of coffee.? Why he would have such a revelation in the closet is beyond me.? I was still in bed, and should have stayed there.? It was later determined that we could drink the decaf we have just to pretend like we were having coffee.? That will come back to bite me somewhere around….. now.? ow.

Our holiday weekend was fun and people filled. After we started the weekend at Frost Park* we headed to Neal & Tacoma Chickadee’s.

We watched the fireworks along side of a road full of people who said you pass an indoor smoking ban then god dammit we are going to find places where people congregate outdoors and have a smoking party.? Screw it if there are hoards of children around.? We’ll take them all down too.

Saturday we had to go to Ikea.? Does anyone really have to go to Ikea?? Yes, we did.? The light fixture on our living room ceiling is from Ikea and after 5 years a light bulb finally burned out.? I’m sure they sell that type of light bulb at some mega home improvement store, but I’m also fairly certain that Ikea light fixtures are somehow metric and require specific bulbs.? Much like their picture frames.? Besides, I was out of napkins.? We pull in the parking lot to be greeted by the giant “It Only Happens Twice a Year Sale” sign.? I swear that sign is permanently out there.? They are having a sale every time we go.? And it’s always when we only need one thing.? (they were having the tax free day once when all I needed was a knob for a dresser.? I didn’t buy the knob)

We walked out with 4 light bulbs, 3 packages of napkins, a thing for the boy’s crayons and color books, candy and an aneurysm.

Sunday we attended the local tall ships festival.? Holy masses of tourists and inappropriate dressing.? We dined on less than gluten free treats such as gyros and ice cream cones.? We wanted to go on some of the boats, but the wait was up to two hours.? The boy hadn’t napped and it was slightly warm outside.? We skipped that part and went on a harbor tour.? Far better than being a lemming with all the others.? (I’ll upload my photos to picassa later today)

The weekend was fantastic, but so rudely ended with the decaf wake up call.? Good thing it’s supposed to be 80 today.


*I won this week with this awesome submission

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  1. Aww, you must have been too “happy” to remember participating in “Frost Park North” later that day… which I think Trust Husband probably won!

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Glad you had a good weekend. Have a great summer, I’ll miss you while in Sweden.

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    I have never been to an IKEA…. not one nearby

  4. I miss Ikea. And now I want an Gyro. And decaf sucks…I miss real coffee.

  5. Sandy says: Reply

    Last night when Kevin was in the cupboard I heard “We’re out of coffee” and the nastiness from my caffeine-corrupted soul erupted from within me… “Why couldn’t you tell me yesterday that we were LOW on coffee? Why today we are OUT of coffee??!!” My attack required an apology after I chilled out.

  6. BIL says: Reply


  7. Lee says: Reply

    I think I have said the exact (well, maybe not EXACT, as my word started with an F) thing that my brother said in the closet in the same situation…I have no one to blame but myself as BIL drinks less coffee at home than I do.

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