Damn you Trader Joes

Never. I repeat, Never go to the grocery store when you are hungry. The smart person would have figured this out a long time ago, but I happen to only be an average person.

I asked D last night what he would like for dinner seeing as we had no thawed meat in our house. He said, “You could go to Trader Joes and pick up one of those vegetarian Indian dishes that I like so much.” Oooh! good idea! I was already hungry at this point.

I hop in my little car and drive down the street to the bestest grocery store in the whole world. (ok, it’s not as good as Whole Foods, but we don’t have one of those here.) I love Trader Joes. See my love decent wine at affordable prices here.

I am not much of a snacker. I eat my meals at very specific times and don’t eat much in between. Let’s just overlook the 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in one week thing shall we. But… when I go to the grocery store hungry I come home with all kinds of crap that I don’t really need. I have been known to buy a box of Lucky Charms just because it looked good that very moment.

So I am standing in the chip aisle at TJ’s thinking I really should get myself a snack for those moments when hunger strikes. I found the most delectible little treat! Papadums! Papadums are typically a large, tortilla sized crispy Indian flat bread. Difficult to make at home, but oh so yummy. Thanks to the magic of TJ’s they have made this treat into a bite sized chip. Of course they need some kind of dip to go with them. OOOOHHHH Hummus!!! I sounded like a hippie stoned out of my gorde in the middle of the store. I hot foot it over to the dip area and they have about 6 different kinds of hummus. I select the garlic.

I really could eat this snack as a whole meal. In fact I might just do that for lunch today. If you have a TJ’s near you, try it. I promise you will like it! Sure beats the reduced fat Cheez-its I just ate*. Reduced fat. Really. Who buys reduced fat snack foods. If you are going to snack have something that actually tastes good.

*Please note that I passed up the unopened box of Thin Mints sitting right next to the Cheez-its. What the heck was I thinking?

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    I love all of those sandwiches and salads you can get from TJ’s. Great for lunches… and the salads are ready to go & easy to split between two for dinner.

  2. Elle says: Reply

    Can you all tell that Jake (Jessica) likes food? Yeah, she’s always been like that.

    Jen (from the Philippines) thanks!

  3. jencc says: Reply

    no trader joes here in manila (the philippines), just wanted to say that i love your blog skin! =)

  4. Jessica says: Reply

    Rhonda – have you tried Cafe Istanbul? They have amazing hummus and almond pudding! They’re on 36th, across from Cafe Europa. Absolutely awesome food! Lisa – next time you and D get up here, we’ll have to go there! And Chiang Mai, and Middle Way Cafe, and Mexico in Alaska, and….

  5. Elle says: Reply

    One more snacky tidbit. Hummus and mini carrots. OMG yummy!

  6. Rhonda says: Reply

    No Trader Joes in Alaska, but I DO love hummus and perhaps I could find the flatbread also. YUM.

  7. jeneflower says: Reply

    We have a Trader Joes near us. I like it too. It is small though. I used to go there specifically to buy their bread. (We get the bulk of our food at the Military Commissary because it is so much cheaper) Trader Joes has the best tasting- healthiest bread I have ever had. However- the trip to an extra grocery store for just bread stopped being feasible. I miss the bread though.

  8. Margaret says: Reply

    I know what you mean. I come home from the grocery store unpack my items and realize what I was hungry for. I always have an overabundance of one thing or another.

    By the way… the Bring Me Mia blog looks great. I like the font! 😉

  9. Jessica says: Reply

    What the heck were you thinking? Passing up thin mints? Yikes! Eat a box for me, will you please? 😉 I am on week 2 of Weight Watchers, but I might have to put a box of thin mints in the freezer…. The doctor wants me to loose 25 lbs before trying to have baby #2. Sigh. It’s my own fault, and I did it to myself (I did loose the baby fat… and then gained it back without the baby). But I’m doing well so far!

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