Damn Hair!

I think the world is out to get me! I really do. I feel like I take one step forward in the world and then 12 giant steps back.
First, the back seat of my car is wet. I have a large mass of pine needles that have built up where the hatch hinges are. During the really heavy rain the seal just couldn’t take it and the hatch leaked. So I have to shop-vac out the pine needles and hope my car dries out.

I figured since I have to whip out the shop-vac that I might as well clean the rest of the car. So I trot on off to Target and purchase a fancy new wash mitt. I figure my little car has been through enough abuse with the way I drive I might as well pamper it a little.

What does all this have to do with my hair? Well… as you may recall my hair is the bane of my existence. It is that type of hair that isn’t quite straight and isn’t quite curly. I still have not had it cut and it is getting dry. A girlfriend of mine suggested that I start using a conditioner every few days in addition to the 2 in 1 I already use. While we were in Canada I tried the hotel shampoo and conditioner. I know, I know, hotel shampoo sucks, but this was different. Apparently Bath & Body Works now supplies the hair and skin care products for Marriott. They had this aromatherapy (orange ginger) stuff. It is freakin awesome!!! My hair looked nice. It was a pretty curly not a frizzy curly. I loved it. So of course I forgot to take the little bottle with me.

The next weekend we stayed in Seattle for the fancy dinner and guess what? Another Marriott! I was smart this time. I took the conditioner with me. But as luck would have it I ran out today. That means tomorrow I will go back to frizz head or I have to find some conditioner and quick!

Now the smart person would just run out to her local B&BW store and pick up a bottle of the miracle cream, but would Elle? NOOOOOO! B&BW is in the mall. The mall is full of babies and teenage mothers, stupid people who don’t look where they are going and fun boys who wear too much cologne. I. hate. the. mall.

So as I am doing my errand this afternoon to purchase the fancy new wash mitt for the car I spied with my little eye the most fantastic thing ever. In the same shopping center with Target is a B&BW!!! Filled with joy over the though of ridding my life of the frizzy hair I ventured in. I saw the Aromatherapy line of products. I scanned, and scanned, and scanned. Didn’t see hair care. Little clerk girl asks if she can help me. "Hair conditioner" I grunted. "Oh, I’m sorry. All we have is the American Girl products. We will be getting the Aromatherapy line in soon though." "When will then be now?" "By the end of the month."

Great. I have to go another 3 weeks with this rat’s nest on my head! Hey, at least my car got a new wash mitt.

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