Cutest kid in the entire world

A few months back I was at work at the church and I noticed the preschool director had put up photos of the graduating preschoolers.? I love photos of kids, but these struck me as different.? I took a closer look and lemme jus say, holy hell!? They were the best photos of kids I have evah seen.? The person taking those has gots some madd photo skillz.? I noticed a little watermark on the photos that read, “Willows.”? Elle being Elle, I looked up “Willow’s Photography Tacoma” on Google.? I was lead HERE.? I clicked the “Click here for the latest” link and was taken to her blog.

I was totally blown away by the photos this woman has taken.? They were gorgeous.? See I was writhing in jealousy with the photos Jenny* had taken of the twins.? I wanted great photos like that.? I’d talked with Carla to see if she could help me find a photographer in my area, but all of my calls went unanswered.? What kind of self-employed photographer doesn’t want work?? So I sent Willow an email and laid out my whole story.? The same day I get a phone call from her!? Same day!? You are hired.

I laid in the hammock one afternoon and talked with her and somehow the topic of me doing web design came up.? She said that she’s all about working for trade.? An agreement was reached that I would design her site and she’d photograph my family.? Cause you know I’m all about the fair trade too.

A few weeks ago we spent the morning with Willow in the greatest city and my boy met his first girlfriend (he told us so the other night).? Willow came over last night to show us our images, and I am here to tell you that I would wallpaper my living room with these photos if I could.? They are just the best things I have evah seen!

Don’t believe me?? Take a look!? Aren’t they just the best**?? (for the record my child is the second child, just in case you don’t read the actual post.)

*I didn’t link Jens because she has a password.

**MOTHER! Don’t even think of stealing those photos.? If I find out you did I will make Willow charge you for them.

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    Too late! I saved them to my computer before I finished your post…Oops
    Does this mean I can’t post them on my blog? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Mom says: Reply

    Oh by the way…he is the cutest kid but being as I’m your mom your hanging from that same tree!

  3. Ani says: Reply

    Those are great pictures… All keepers!

  4. Lee says: Reply

    Those are FANTASTIC! I want her to take pictures of O and B, and maybe the three of us at Christmas.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    so cute…

  6. Tori says: Reply

    Holy crap those are beautiful pics!!

  7. GREAT photos! I need to squish him.

  8. Jenny says: Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! Super cute. Soo sweet. And you can really see the boy.

    We are actually getting new ones taken next week for christmas cards….something about the good photos!

  9. They’re great. I love the one with him and his cat. If you happen to get wallet sized prints, I would so love a copy!

  10. Nancy says: Reply

    Love, love, love those photos!!

  11. Awesome photos!!!

  12. Lauren says: Reply

    Those really are great pictures!

  13. Carla says: Reply

    No one called you back?! Ugh. So very glad you got some great shots though!!!!!! I knew you would if you got that boy outside for his portraits. πŸ™‚ He’s the 4th cutest kid I’ve ever seen (my own have to come first…or they may not take care of me in my old age). AWESOME AWESOME photos!!!!

    Does this mean I don’t have a “job” if I come visit friends in Seattle area?

  14. Willow says: Reply

    Miss Elle,
    OMG you almost made me cry! I had sooo much fun with you all! I am so glad that I now have TWO boyfriends, yay!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Gaye says: Reply

    those pics are so adorable!!! I wish that Willow lived closer to us πŸ™‚

  16. chou2 says: Reply

    Wow! Makes me want to hop on a plane with Sprouty (once she shows up, of course). Cause pictures like that are worth the trip.

  17. Very very awesome! Of course she did have great material to work with!

  18. LOVE those pictures!!! We had to postpone Owen’s first real photo session because he broke his leg the day before!!

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