Crock Pot Cookin’

Chocolate production season is almost upon me and I’m starting to think about how I’m going to feed my husband, child and maybe a few of the volunteers that come to help. ?The first two weeks of December my kitchen is basically coated in a fine layer of chocolate and it makes it very difficult to get anything besides candy done. ?Also, I cannot use my oven because it heats up the top of the stove and the top of the stove is where I coat all of the truffles. ?My plan is to utilize my 13 year old Crock Pot (or slow cooker for those of you from elsewhere). ?Trouble is, I have very few recipes for slow cooker food. ?I used to use the crock pot when I was a newlywed. ?The trusty MIL’s theory was throw anything in the crock pot, pour some onion soup mix on top of it and you have dinner. ?It works. ?Of course it took me almost 6 years to use up the Costco sized box of onion soup mix I had.

My go-to crock pot meals are whole chicken with vegetables, roast and chili. ?I do have a good enchilada recipe, but it takes more involvement than I will have time for. ?I have roughly 9-11 days (that I’m actively making chocolates)?that I have to fill with meals. ?I can’t eat whole chicken, roast and chili over and over again.

So I’m turning to you dear internets. ?Send me your favorite crock pot recipe. ?Please don’t let my family starve.

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  1. Liv says: Reply
    Last year this lady pledged to cook out of her crock pot every day of the year. And she blogged it.

  2. Lasagna in the crock-pot is good. I don’t really use a recipe though. I just layer all the stuff you’d usually layer (but put in a double layer of noodles – the kind you don’t have to precook – for each noodle layer). It cooks in about 4 hours, and then you can just scoop out spoonfuls of it to serve.

  3. Kathou says: Reply

    I have a crockpot receipe book and you’re more than welcomed to use it.

  4. MIL says: Reply

    You have got to be kidding – did the article really give Derek the kudos for this?? I chuckled and then laughed outright at the whole idea that D was responsible – where is your name? I have a great crockpot to loan you if you need it . . . I can bring it on Thursday! Luv ya! MIL

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