Crappy Day or Good Day, you decide

I apologize for not updating you on the breaking news of the child’s first day of preschool right away.? I was so stinkin’ busy yesterday that I pretty much fell into bed.

We started our day off with another discussion that big boys go poop on the potty.? My child seems to think that he can banish all bowel movements.? Much to his chagrin (and his mother’s) this is so not the case.? My point was further illustrated by the accident he had 10 minutes before we were to walk out the door for school.? I swear I smelled poop the whole rest of the day.

On the way to school there were two incidents with citizens of my community who are, shall we say, a few bricks short of a full load.? I’ll save their stories for another post.

I dropped the boy at school and I so badly wanted to get a photo of him on his first day, but it wouldn’t have been a pretty picture.? We walked in the door and from down the hall we heard the unmistakable sobs of the other students in his class.? I give huge props to his teacher who is trapped in a room with 8 children all suffering from separation anxiety.? My child is one of them.? I handed him off to one of the teachers and walked away.? I spent the rest of the morning stuffing 400 envelopes downstairs at the church and it was everything in my power to not go check to see if he was still crying.? 2 hours later I picked him up and he was perfectly fine and he liked school.? Wet pull-up, but fine.

We made a mad dash to the vegetable store because my 2 hour break was spent stuffing the aforementioned 400 envelopes.? Get home, throw boy on the potty, slap on a dry pull-up and realize my truck is out of gas.? This won’t get us to Seattle.? Stop at the gas station, I’m hungry.? Drive through Starbucks and we’re off to Seattle.

Get to Pacific Place and park the car.? Find out boy has now soaked pull-up #2.? Race up to the washroom and wait for the handicapped stall so I can push the stroller in.? While waiting have a “nice” conversation with a woman vacating a stall. ? That story shall be saved for later too.? I finally get into the handicapped stall and pull the boy out of the stroller to find he has not only soaked pull-up #2, but it leaked.? Change clothes.

Power walk from Pacific Place, on 6th Ave., to Pike’s to meet some friends from Kansas for lunch.? I only get to see these guys every 3-4 years so I was not going to miss it.? I was met at the market by Seattle’s finest protester.? Damn hippies.? I’m 20 minutes late, but eventually Pat comes to get me.? We have a lovely lunch at a little French Bistro behind Market Spice.? Boy hucks a piece of chicken at me.? Boy tells me he has to go potty.? We rush up to the washroom.? Pull-up #3 is soaked.? He sits on the potty, but won’t pee.

Toodle around the market and the trusty husband joins us long enough to give Darrel and Pat hellos and goodbyes.? They are off.? I am still in search of my Texas Muffin Tin and I know Sur la Table has one.? But boy says he has to pee.? We rush downstairs to the scary ass public washroom where I find pull-up #4 also soaked and there is too much commotion for boy to pee.? He is 3 hours past nap time and on the verge of a meltdown.? Screw the muffin tin.? It’s 4:00 and I’m in downtown Seattle with a 30 mile drive home.? During rush hour.

Drive home in not that bad traffic, but right around South Center Hill some dumb guy (talking on his cell phone) rear ends the dude in front of him, right next to me.? Scares the shit out of me.? Get home, slap child on the potty because, shocking, pull-up #5… also wet.? Remainder of evening was free of accidents.

Eventually get around to checking the messages.? “Hi, it’s your mom.? Just wanted to let you know that your Grandma is back as St. Pete’s.? She had another stroke.? She seems to be ok, but they are keeping her for a bit.”

Needless to say while the trusty husband was at choir I dished myself a giant bowl of ice cream.

With 2 pee accidents and a boy again refusing anything resembling a bowel movement my 1:00 acupuncture treatment can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Jenny2 says: Reply

    When did we start looking forward to needles (or painful Rolfing for me) over real life?

    Drink some ass-tea, too, young lady.

  2. Nancy says: Reply

    When you find the secret to getting him to poop in the potty let me know. J has been “pee trained” for 5 months, but poops whenever and wherever and always in his undies. UGH. So if you can find the magic I need to know what it is, and if I find it I’ll share too!

  3. Oh my. That would definitely make the Crappy Day category for me. Unless, you know, the lunch with friends was Super Awesome Good. Potty training is a huge pain in the rear (ha, figuratively and literally!) – especially when you are out and about. I’ll take changing diapers over running into gross public bathrooms every 1/2 hour any day!

  4. Dana says: Reply

    Man, he pees a lot!

  5. Dana says: Reply

    Aahhhhh!!!! I just noticed the vegetarian recipe!!!!!

  6. Oh, I am so not looking forward to potty training! Any secrets will be MUCH appreciated!!

    Have you tried books on tape/CD for the car? Listening to Harry Potter usually puts Quin to sleep (yeah!!), and he enjoys listening to it. It has helped pass many a long car ride!

  7. My boy pees a lot, too…the soaking kind. I’m not looking forward to potty training. In fact, you’ve instilled an indescribable fear in me..

  8. IAL says: Reply

    Sorry for the mailing–by the way that was 420 envelopes. I hope you found the spongy thing with water in it so you didn’t have to lick them all.

    I heard from the sources that be that Oleg was a model student. See you tomorrow–I’m sure I have another fun project for you to do at church 😉

  9. Lauren says: Reply

    That is too much pee for one little boy. And mom. I hope today goes better.

  10. Oh brother. What a day.

  11. Suz says: Reply

    Oh I pray that your grandma will be ok. I sooo remember those potty training days. It was by far the most stressful time in my parenting career (so far!) It will pass. I promise.

    I’ve missed reading you (and everyone else too). But hopefully I’m back :O)

    I hope your next days to come will be better!

  12. Tricia says: Reply

    Gee, having a toddler sounds fun… ummm, maybe I should reconsider our referral ages??!!! 🙂 Or, add in the preferences… “must be potty-trained” (by US standards).

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