Craft Rejects

On June 25th the nursery is sponsoring (or rather I’m organizing) a chicken coop tour.  It has been a fairly easy event to put on considering I’m doing a majority of the work myself.  Earlier this year I got this great idea that I wanted to silk screen t-shirts for the event.  I like crafty stuff.  I bought all of the stuff, did up a few shirts for the boys and myself.  It was great fun.  Then we decided it would be great to sell the shirts.  They are pretty cool if you do ask me.  They say, “are you chicken?” on the front and have the tour logo on the back.  Since the tour is coming up in a little over a month I figured I needed to get the shirts to sell finished.  Today was supposed to be rainy (yet again) so I thought we’d do up a few shirts.

We went to craft store #1 and they had shirts on sale.  I wasn’t thrilled with the color selection so we decided to go to craft store #2, but not before the small child picked out a t-shirt iron on that he just haaaaad to have.  It was $1.97 so we bought it figuring we could just iron it onto a plain shirt we already had at home.

At craft store #2 we found the shirts (that weren’t on sale), but they had better colors and more of them.  When we left craft store #1 we had the plan of white shirts with colored ink (I only had white or black at home).  It took 5 minutes of looking, a trip to the bathroom for the small child and asking a helper monkey where the silk screen stuff was.  Our color choices were bright blue, bright red, bright green or bright yellow.  Or for $27.99 we could purchase a multi-pack of fluorescent colors that included a glo-in-the dark ink.  I was all for the glow one, but Derek was not thrilled with the price.  We went back to the shirts and went with one in each size of navy blue and dark green plus one royal purple to make it 9 shirts so they would price match craft store #1.

I asked cashier monkey if they’d price match and she said they needed to see the ad for the other store.  I didn’t have the ad, but I had my phone!  5 minutes later, me cursing Ver!zon for slow connection and more I wants from the small child I found it and walked out with $30 in shirts.

We got home and after lunch got to work on printing the shirts. 9 shirts front and back ended up being a 1 beer, 1 glass of wine project.  It would have been a 2 beer project, but since I can’t drink beer anymore I had to settle for wine.  It isn’t nearly as satisfying.  We finished the shirts without any major incidents and then the child reminded us that we had to do his iron on.

The boys found a shirt in the closet that would work and Derek set up the ironing board and “ironed on” the iron on.  This is the point in the story where I should mention that Derek’s mother was the Queen of the iron on.  She’d make her own iron ons.  The most famous being Oleg’s “I love pinecones” t-shirt.  The first attempt at our iron on wasn’t that successful.  It didn’t stick.  I took over.

My second attempt still wouldn’t make it stick.  We figured the instructions were written as if you were ironing on the decal on Mercury.  One minute is really 3 days.  I peeled off the plastic backing and it still wasn’t sticking.  Derek and I were at the point of laughing hysterically.  We had just finished silk screening 9 t-shirts but couldn’t iron on a 6″ Earth decal.  Mom surely got her laugh for the day watching these two idiots.  5 minutes later I think I may have gotten the thing to stick.  I just can’t wash it… ever.

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