Conspiracies Everywhere

El Senor Smartypants seems to think that I find conspiracies everywhere. I beg to differ. Just because I think my hair has a mind of its own or that the neighbor kids have it in for me doesn?t mean that I find them in everything. To his credit he did say that I find them where there are none. Although I am still convinced my cats are plotting to smother me in the night. He may have some credit to his cock-a-mamy story.

Today… I swear Google is taking over the internet. If you really sit back and think about it, it?s gotta be true. They have this fancy email system (of which I do have an account with), they are only the single greatest search engine out there, Google news is by far better than any other, they have made “improvements” to blogger (I?m not totally convinced on that one yet), and they recently purchased YouTube. Google is behind everything. No wonder they are the #1 Tech firm to work for right now.

So why do I really think that Google is taking over the internet? There isn?t a single non-Google based web page that will load for me this morning. Not a one. I can read blogger blogs and that is it. Ok, I can read my own but I don?t know why. No personal websites, no Typepad, nada. Maybe Google is secretly spying on me and saying that I need to get up and do something productive. To that I say I am trying to do something productive, but you won?t let me read my work email either! God help me when I am reduced to actually working.

So in the mean time I am going out to measure my front yard for a fence. Little pecker head neighbors stole the remains of our snowman and then pegged our house with snowballs.

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