Confessions of an exhausted mother

It is sad to say you are excited when you consider going to a funeral “getting out of the house.” That would be the extent of my excitement for the week. I have been on virtual single parent duty for the majority of the week and I?m here to say it is taking its toll on me. We have not had CS for 2 dinners, 2 bathtimes, 3 lunches, and 2 bedtimes this week. Those little bits really add up to some serious mommy bliss I am lacking.

In that particular time frame the boy has decided to remove his PJs once, color on the TV, window sill, and sofa, play with my jewelry and then throw it at me, smack me in the face, kick me in the stomach, use his potty chair as a step stool to get onto our bed and throw the pillows about, and scream like a banshee non stop for 2 days. He has also managed to figure out how to work the remote and all the buttons on the TV and stereo and will repeatedly turn the channels so I will have to come back in and fix it. It is amazing that I get anything done around here.

The good news is by the time I get in the bed I am so exhasted that I sleep practically through the night. Of course when I wake up at 6:57 and have to pee I just want to scream because I know the boy is going to sleep another 20 minutes. 20 minutes I could be sleeping myself.

We did manage to have a little arts and crafts time this week and the boy painted some beautiful pictures for Valentine?s Day. Now if I could manage to send them to the people we painted them for life would be grand. We did the same thing for Thanksgiving and I think those are still sitting somewhere in my office.

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm, but this is about all my walnut sized brain can handle at this point. Coming up for the weekend: trying to make my son smile for a photographer and will he get into the paint again?

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