Close to final tally

I want to personally thank everyone who ordered Sweet Hope candy this year. ?We originally set a goal of increasing our gross sales by 20%. ?That made the target number $2700. ?At the current moment we have far surpassed that. ?Right now the gross sales amount is $3596. ?What is even better, we are about $26 away from being able to send $3000. ?I still have a few more supplies to purchase and we won’t know the final total until all of the shipping is purchased. ?Needless to say, I’m floored.

I try very hard not to look at the total number of truffles and caramels I have to make. ?If you want to know that well. it’s high. ?1872 truffles and 1908 caramels. ?I still have at least 1 order outstanding. ?Believe it or not looking at numbers like 334 or 232 is better than the whole quantity.

The trusty husband and I got a jump start on the process by doing the supplies shopping the day after Thanksgiving. ?It was nice because we didn’t have the boy with us. ?We walked out of the restaurant supply place with 55 pounds of chocolate, 10 pounds of brown sugar, 22 cups of butter, a gallon and a half of cream and enough corn syrup to pay the wages of most Iowa corn farmers.

I plan on sending the money to Russia on the 17th of December. ?I am hoping that getting it there earlier will give Dr. Tatiana a little more time to do some shopping.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get all of this candy made in time. ?I am relying heavily on the generosity of countless volunteers. ?I couldn’t do this without them. ?If you don’t hear from me for a few days it is either because I am very busy or have collapsed from exhaustion in my garage fridge. ?In either case would someone please poke me with a stick on occasion?

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  1. Kathou says: Reply

    If you’re only $26 short of sending $3000…. i’ll donate it.

  2. elle says: Reply

    Kathou, At the moment I’m now over and can send $3000, but I still have to do all of the shipping and might have to buy another box of chocolate. So I won’t know for sure until the 15th or 16th.

  3. Wendy says: Reply

    Please feel free to delay mine to the very end. It can be late, whatever. It is soooo worth the wait!

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