Civic Duty

I registered to vote approximately 2 days after I turned 18.? When I walked into the auditors office (downstairs from my own office at the time) the lady was shocked when she looked at my license.? She couldn’t believe that someone in their late teens would be so responsible as to register to vote so quickly after turning 18.? I did so because I had an agenda.? In 1992 I was too young to vote.? I knew from the second I saw his ugly mug there was something not quite right about Bill.? Six years later I sat in the Detroit airport watching the impeachment proceedings and felt a little smug.

The entire time I’ve been a registered voter I have voted Republican.? (much to my grandfather’s chagrin)? I felt the Republican stance on most issues jived with my own.? Not always, but most of the time.

Now I live in a particularly blue state. Republicans are few and far between in these parts and proclaiming to be one could get you a serious egging.? Politics are not something I choose to discus at dinner parties or back yard barbecues.? Art history, yes.? Roe v Wade and the overturning of such, not so much.? Especially with a certain friend higher up in the political field *cough* Mr. Democratic Party Chair for Pierce County *cough*.

As I’ve gotten older politics have all but slipped from my grasp.? I worry about other things.? Please don’t egg my house, I’m begging you.? I vote.? For non Presidential elections I read the voter’s pamphlet in the bathroom like every other citizen of this country.? But during Presidential election time I become a very informed voter.? I take the time to watch debates, I read about the candidates, I do my research.? Granted, at the current moment I feel there are too many candidates to be doing much research.? Maybe after Tuesday.

Which brings me to my original purpose for this post.? This afternoon I received a piece of mail.? It was from Pierce County Auditor’s Office Elections Division.? On the front is a photo of a Donkey and an Elephant with the words, “What’s Your Preference?”? On the back is information about our upcoming Presidential Primary.? The card states:

Your vote is your voice.? Let it be heard by joining other Washington voters in the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary.? It’s easy to do.? Just follow these steps when you vote.

First, decide your party preference.

Second, sign the Party Oath.

Third, choose the candidate on the party ballot of your choice.? The Democratic party ballot has a blue banner.? The Republican party ballot has red.

Your choice of candidate must correspond with the Party Oath you signed.? If it does not your vote will not count.

Did you catch that whole Oath thing?? An oath.? We have to sign an oath in order to vote in the Presidential primary.? What the fuck.? An oath.? In high school I refused to say the pledge of allegiance. Honest to gawd.

And what makes this better…

is the part where it says that if you don’t sign the oath your vote won’t count.

Ahh… democracy at it’s best.

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  1. Amy says: Reply

    Elle, Elle, Elle…I was a fan till I read your seld-disclosure. REPUBLICAN? I am disappointed.

  2. Sigh…I guess if I can still love my mom despite her Republican leanings, I can over look yours too. Ack!

  3. Carrie says: Reply

    Well, almost all of my extended family are republican… I still speak to them occasionally. 🙂

    What’s with the oath thing? That’s just weird!

  4. Maggie says: Reply

    The oath thing is weird, but it’s probably just an off-shoot of straight ticket voting. And, yes, I’ll love you despite your being a republican. (I noticed you brought up the Bill thing, but didn’t bring up any rah-rah republican pride about our past 7 years!)

  5. Tracy says: Reply

    So you’ve decided to bash WI and move to the HO in Mpls?

  6. Jenni says: Reply

    The oath thing is a bit disturbing. Really, what’s that all about?

  7. Raissa says: Reply

    A Republican! I am shocked and appalled — you aren’t even middle-aged! Don’t vote in the primary, it doesn’t count. We have caucases. The Republican primary will determine 40% of their delegates, the Democratic 0%. Can we say waste of taxpayers money?

  8. […] and connect the arrows? It could be because in order for my vote to count I have to sign some dumb oath. However, the oath ceases to bother me. Again, why the hate. Because in Washington my vote […]

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