Christmas in October

I made a trip down to the ol? home town yesterday to visit some family. We had a nice visit with my mom and then it was off to CS?s parents for lunch, naptime for the boy and play time with his cousin Kicky. I made a run to Target to try to make a dent in the gift cards we have accumulated. I did a pretty good job, but still have some spending to do. I think I may go back and purchase the Curious George Movie. If not for the boy, for myself. Simply because Jack Johnson did all the music… and I loves me some Jack Johnson.

When we got home from our day I was pleasantly suprised by a stack of boxes on our front door step. It looked like Christmas in October. I love mail!!! I mean love it. More than a Twix Bar, more than soap that doesn?t make me itch, and maybe even more than a good glass of red wine. Ok, maybe not more than the wine part. Either way I love to get packages. Despite the fact that my UPS man is a total tool.

Where was I? Oh, boxes. The first wasn?t terribly exciting. A new DVD burner for my computer. My CD burner went tets up a while back and I can?t rip music to the computer or burn CDs. So CS decided to add a DVD burner. This goes along with the other upgrades we have made in attempt to ressurect my dying monster. So now CS has a project for Saturday afternoon. Everyone say a prayer that my computer works after he installs it. Putting a new piece of hardware into my computer is like watching my son get his shots. It kills me a little.

The next box included the best card I have ever seen in my life!!! Plain, simple, inexpensive. Simply brilliant! Yep, it was a card from Margaret. Gawd she is just the greatest! The box also included a great t-shirt with the boy?s nickname on it. I?ll get it on him and post a photo over at the other place. There was also a great Christmas ornament. I sense a them going on here. And last but not least a Pu-yul! Oh sweet new puzzles. How I love you so. Even if you are missing one piece. Thanks M you?re the best!

The last box was from my Bloggy Secret Pal. And yes… rumor does have it that we were in need of some new puzzles. Woo Hoo! Man is the boy gonna love all of you when he gets up tomorrow. I love the Melissa and Doug puzzle. They make the best ones. And the cube… FUN! We?re all into learning toys around here. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Sorry, the rest of the mail was a bit of a bust. But I did get an Eddie Bauer catalog. That will provide me some entertainment during my 5 minutes of bliss.

I also wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and concern about the eye thing. Let me answer some of your questions. I am feeling much better. It went away by itself and I didn?t even take any drugs. This was a very good thing since usually I have to be dying or near to it for me to take drugs. The C is gone. It only lasted about an hour, then the headache started. There isn?t really anything they can do for it. Try to avoid stress I guess. Um yeah, sure. If it happens again I am supposed to go see my primary care doc, but the opthamologist has me scheduled for a visual field test on Tuesday. Woah what a way to spend my Halloween! I said fortunately it was only an Ocular Migrane because the alternative would be the doc lasering my eye for a detached retina. Lasered eye and mommy don?t mix. The unfortunate part is, from what I read, since it occurs in the eyes there isn?t much they can do for me. Avoid the triggers if we know what they are is about it. This article explains what happened to me. Mine was a bit more like a migrane with aura than a true ocular migrane. Still scary.

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