Christmas gift to myself

About 6 years ago I spent the day before Christmas in the hospital.? Actually it was an urgent care clinic located in a hospital, but I like to be dramatic and all.? It was the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever experienced.? We were at the trusty sister-in-laws apartment and sleeping on the hide-away.? I woke up around midnight and rolled over to tell the trusty husband I thought I was going to be sick.? I ran to the bathroom and for the next 6 hours I threw up every 30 minutes.? There was not that much stuff in my stomach.? My sis-in-laws tried giving me everything they could think of, but it wouldn’t stay in long enough to make a difference.? When they finally agreed I should go to the hospital we had to time it just right.? Needless to say I didn’t make the car ride there without incident.? Funniest thing is the trusty brother-in-law slept through the whole thing.

My Christmas dinner that year consisted of crackers and 7-up.? Yummy.? I still can’t eat crab cakes or bread pudding to this day.? That’s a darn shame too because I really like bread pudding.

Every Christmas I am damned determined to not end up in the hospital for whatever reason.? Of course shouldn’t that be the goal of every day.? Honestly, who wakes up in the morning and says, “I think a trip to the ER would be nice this afternoon.”

Last week I woke up with a sore throat.? Lovely.? It never really manifest itself into anything other than that and an eventual stuffy nose.? A stuffy nose that is hanging on like bubonic plague.? Then the stuffy nose decided it wanted to share the love with my upper respiratory system.? Last night they ganged up on me and migrated to my stomach.? So now I have a horribly stuffy nose (with a solid #3 on the charts downgraded from a previous #4), a icky cough also producing a #3 and I feel like I’m going to throw up at any minute.? Which I almost did into my grocery cart this morning while picking up something for lunch.

The good thing is that I had an appointment with the needle doc this morning and she gave me some herb that are supposed to fix me right up and keep me away from the ‘regular doc.’? Problem is the herbs are the worst thing I have ever tasted in my entire life.? Seriously.? This stuff makes my ass tea taste like Liptons sweetened.? This is chug and chase with a gallon of OJ nasty.? Which I quite literally did.? But she assures me that I will be feeling better in no time.? I sure hope so.? I have Christmas shopping to finish.

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  1. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    A good thing to stop coughing at night is to put Vicks on the bottom of your feet and then put on socks just before you go to bed. It works, I swear. Try it. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs, Aunt Jan

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    Feel better soon… and strangly enough.. I have heard of that vicks trick


  3. auntieg says: Reply

    They now say that a tablespoon of honey helps just as much as cough medicine. I’ve not tried it yet…haven’t been that sick….but couldn’t hurt. Otherwise…Delsym is my go-to cough syrup.

    Please don’t bring that stuff to my house on Friday!!! I’m begging!!! šŸ™‚

  4. Honey does help. I was drinking hot lemon water with a ton of honey this fall to soothe a sore throat (I was told no medications while nursing), and it worked just fine. I haven’t been able to look at honey since, but I may have over done it a little. If you haven’t tried nasal irrigation, I’ll recommend it. It helps clear out your sinuses and reduces the chance of a sinus infection. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Gypsy says: Reply

    Hope you feel better soon Elle.

  6. mom says: Reply

    Hate to push the vicks theory but I also heard this works. Hot tea with lemon and honey is also is a good thing. It’s bad enough being sick but this time of year makes it even worse. This too shall pass.

  7. Just a little well wish and a Thank you for the truffles. They are SO delicious!

  8. Liv says: Reply

    Well, if the tea doesn’t help, the gallon of Vitamin C might. Feel better soon Hon.

  9. I spent Christmas Eve in the ER one year (flu – fever over 103 all day so my mom made my dad drive to my apartment and take me to the ER). Basically they just rehydrated me then sent me home. Not fun.

    Hope you are feeling better…I can’t believe you were able to get something worse than the ass tea down. I have trouble drinking things that taste bad. Cherry Nyquil is an example – I end up dry heaving it into the sink. Lovely visual, I know. Take care of yourself!

  10. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Having just recovered from the plague, you have my heartfelt sympathy. And let me know if those herbs work.

    P.s. Thanks to an office party catered by a local retaurant I too have spent my Christmas, on the couch, drinking water and watching bad holiday movies on Oxygen. It was oddly one of my better Holidays.

  11. chou2 says: Reply

    I have no remedies to suggest, but just wanted to say I’m sorry you feel crappy.

    I hope that horrible herb tea works wonders for you.

  12. Feel better honey! Why don’t you try some good tasting tea too. I sweeten mine with o.j. yummy! I have always wondered why 7up makes your upset tummy feel better, but it is true. I’ve tried it.

  13. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Gnomes at my blog today, Missy……

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