Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

I have spent the past two weeks making chocolates and caramels. I know I haven’t posted about it much. Sorry about that. But when you spend the whole day staring at chocolate the last thing you want to do is write about it. This isn’t to say I don’t like making chocolates. But you try making 575 truffles and 230 caramels. You’d get a little sick of them too.

Around the 4th time I made these things I stopped eating them while making them. Yes, I’ve made truffles without selling them before. Anyway, I stopped eating them while in the process. This was a very smart move on my part. If I eat them while making them I get really sick of them. If I refrain, I reward myself with one as soon as the last box is packaged and oh. my. gah! They are to die fo. I’m serious here people. Two weeks of staring at nothing but chocolate and they do taste good.

Every last box is tied with a pretty bow, packaged up and only needs the shipping label. Of course PayPal is being dumb and can’t “contact” the USPS. So I have to wait a bit. I schedule the post man to come pick up the boxes because hauling 28 boxes into the post office is a little difficult with 2 year old in tow.

This round of chocolates turned out quite well with the exception of 1 variety. The White Russians didn’t come out as expected. They are good, or so I’ve been told, but they aren’t the prettiest things in the word. The fat content of the regular chocolate is different than that of the white chocolate so the white coating kept seizing up on me. Many a curse word was said while making those little buggers. Next time I may try making white centers with chocolate coating. The fact that I am now saying I will do them again is a miracle. I told the trusty husband Saturday that there was no way in hell I was making them again. Not to mention we ran short on them. I had 7 centers left and a bowl full of white chocolate glop and said screw it, we have enough. Those 7 plus the 7 really really ugly ones would have filled out the last 6 boxes. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way. So those of you who ordered mixed and White Russian get mixed boxes with no White Russian in the mix. I figured since you ordered a full box of WR you could taste them there. We subbed Dk. Chocolate or Orange Ginger in those cases. Mom and Nathe… you get no White Russian at all. I thought it best to take the brunt of distaste from someone I knew in person.

To top off my chocolate experience I jumped into the shower yesterday to wash off the last of the chocolaty residue that has coated my skin. Of course we were out of soap so I asked the trusty husband to go down to the other bathroom and grab me a new bar. We get all of our soap from Oregon Rain Soap. It’s the only stuff that doesn’t make my skin itch. So he comes back with a bar of soap. It just so happens to be the last bar and it is none other than chocolate scented. Great. Now I have to go around for a few weeks smelling like chocolate.

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  1. Amy says: Reply

    I’m sad I didn’t order any chocolates for myself, maybe I can hone in on the ones I got for my friend..

    Thanks for the tip on the soap. I have psorasis and have a hard time finding no-itch soap myself. I’m going to give it a try.

  2. I’m not having a very good day so I sat and ate chocolate while reading about you making chocolate. And then I laughed out loud about your chocolate soap. Of course there was a slight hysterical edge to my laughter so it might not have been that funny.

  3. Wendy says: Reply

    Ooooh, my candy is on it’s way! I can’t tell you how much I NEED these right now. Car wrecks, arrested adoption agency workers, knee surgery….bring on the Sweet Hope candies and I will be fine. Plump but fine. If anyone is looking for me, I will be on my front porch watching for the mail truck.

  4. Dana says: Reply

    I agree with Wendy…my candy is on the way! I thought for sure we’d get our referral and I’d leave for eight weeks while my candy sat unopened, waiting for someone to eat them!

  5. Gaye says: Reply

    wheeeeee!! the truffles are coming, the truffles are coming! maybe that will make up for me “making” my DH see SpiderMan 3 tonight on our “datenight” 🙂

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