Changing it up a little

Can you tell I got bored?? I’ve been itching to switch to the new look for a few weeks now.? Of course I was good and waited until the first of the month.? Main reason was that I needed a design that worked a little better for me in the dashboard.? The last one had some bugs with the sidebar features that made me a little batty.? Not that I’m not batty as it is.? So there you go.? New look.

Weekend, got to see the new baby, she’s a beautiful little red head and I wanted to eat her up.? Eat her right up.? Or maybe just put her chubby little 9 pound body in my pocket and take her for myself.? Guess I’ll have to settle for spoiling her rotten, shaking her up and sending her back to her mother.

Have I totally lost you?? Thought so.? One of my best friends (La-La & EEE!’s mom) just had a baby girl, Kara Anne, on Friday afternoon.? I would share a photo, but that would require digging my camera out of my here mommy bag and downloading the photos.? It’s currently 10:17 p.m. and I’ve already corrected 462 typos in this little post.? The capacity to remove a memory card from my camera, insert it into the reader, download photos, open the desired photo in photoshop and resize it (and add prettiness) is far beyond my capacity at this current moment.? You might get a photo somewhere around Tuesday.? But don’t be excited.? It’s a photo of her laying in the hospital bassinet.? Not that Kara in all her gorgeous red headedness isn’t enough to captivate you.? It’s just a boring photo.? Just know that she has RED HAIR!? So. fricken. cute!? I’m a sucker for a red head.

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  1. kate says: Reply

    Very restful colour choice. ;>

  2. Love the new header. Black text a little hard to read on chocolate background but I read through feeder so I’m just enjoying the aesthetics.

  3. Like the new look. Very mellow looking and it reminds me of your gardening for some reason. I guess the swirlie-do-dads in the header make me think of a garden. 🙂

  4. mom says: Reply

    Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate? Ummm… love all your headers, my dearest artsy fartsy daughter!

  5. Lulz tagline!

  6. I love the new layout and the design!!

  7. Lena says: Reply

    Love it!

    And must say I’m jealous of little red-head baby girl … my kids cheated me out that one.

  8. Ree says: Reply

    It’s very, very pretty Elle.

  9. Love it! The header is beautiful!

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