• Patty Bugent
  • Letting go of your hair

    Sunday on social media it was all about my hair.  What you got was snippets of moments throughout the morning.  However, I find it rather cathartic to write about the experience in it’s entirety.  It also may help another woman along the way. I had have a plan.  I’ve never intended to wear wigs.  They […]

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  • Chemo #1 Down

    I realize that I didn’t share my experiences with my first chemo infusion yet.  It wasn’t because I don’t care about all of you.  It was because the first 5 days sucked and then I went back to work.  So grab your cup of coffee tea* and read a story. Last Friday was infusion day. […]

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  • Lotsa Helping Hands

    I love that I’ve had so many people say, “Let me know if you need anything.”  It is sweet and makes me feel very loved.  However, I think that what people forget is that individuals under an extreme amount of stress tend to be a bit ditzy.  This is me.  I haven’t slept a night […]

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  • What’s Next?

    I’ll be frank.  Yesterday was a rough day. It is rather surreal to walk into a place and know that every patient there had some sort of cancer.  I knew it was a big building.  I wasn’t prepared for how many people would be there.  It was a hoppin’ place. We arrived a bit early, […]

  • Elle's World
  • My experience at Khor Village

    There are very few things in life that compare to the emotional journey of international adoption. I am sure everyone has something in their lives that has effected them so profoundly that it is truly life changing. It just happens to be that spending time in a Russian orphanage during the process to become a […]

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  • Ni Hao

    We have all made it safely to our hotel in China. ?The local time here is 6:30 p.m. on Thursday where the time back at home is 3:30 a.m. ?I am just at 24 hours awake. ?During an 11 hour flight I slept maybe 1 hour. ?My brain is fried, but I’m trying very hard […]

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  • Be the change you wish to see

    I know you’ve been inundated with “buy my candy” and “please won’t you help the children.” ?While I do believe that what I do through Sweet Hope I also recognize that there are other organizations out there that need support. ?I also know there are artisans around the world trying to make a living selling […]

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  • A very merry Christmas

    Ok, this is the last time I’m going to write about Sweet Hope… this week. I know you are tired of getting brow beaten by me, but I can’t help it.? This is something I’m passionate about.? Even more so than how much I dislike Sarah Palin and that is saying a lot. Earlier this […]