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  • Oh kittens

    The kittens are about 6 months old now.  We aren’t 100% sure as to when their birthdate is so we kind of guess as to how old they are.  All we know is that they’ve been terrorizing bringing joy to our home for 4 months.  I thought I’d share a little more about them. Truman […]

  • Busy
  • A glimpse of my life

    As I type this Hammond is licking my left hand, Truman is laying on my right, Fiona is rubbing her body on my face and the dog is ringing her bell to go out.  Here is a rare look at my life behind the computer.  It’s also a completely un-photoshopped picture of me without makeup […]

  • photography
  • Kitten Wrangling

    I’m not sure how foster mama Laurie does it, but I have to give her kudos.  She makes taking photos of kittens look effortless.  I assure you it is anything but. I had a grand plan last week to take photos of the kittens all wrapped up for Christmas.  I had some blue and some […]

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  • Miss Fi

    After three weeks in our house we’ve had the opportunity to get to know the itty bitties a little bit better.  They’ve also become quite accustom to us and are even tolerating that dog. While Hammond might be the most likely to sit still for a photo, Fiona is much less likely, but not like […]

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  • Peaceful

    I’ll address this week next week.  I’m going to enjoy the, it was bound to happen, return of the rain.  In the mean time please enjoy a little bit of this peacefulness. Yin Yang Boys Oh, and did you vote for Sweet Hope flavors?  Today is the last day.

  • The Lively Bunch

    For the kitty fans I thought I would give you a little more insight into their little personalities.  We’ll start with Hammond since he is the most likely to sit still for a photo. Hammond (aka Hammy or Hamster) is the most subdued of the bunch.  He will play with his brother and sister, but […]

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  • Settling In

    For long time readers of this site: yes, this may become a crazy cat blog.  I got a bajillion hits the day we got the kitties and those people commented.  I would totally sell you out like that. The kittehs are settling in nicely.  It took a day or so, but things are going mostly […]

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  • A little light shining

    If you will recall a few weeks ago I asked your opinion on adopting some four legged furries.  You all had wonderful things to say, but I will admit that I had my mind made up before we left their foster house.  It was a matter of convincing Derek of the decision I had already […]