• Depression
  • Happy with a side of turtle shell

    Not to self: don’t post poignant stuff on Fridays. ?I should also add to that post, among the sobbing that the child said, “I just really wanted a mom and a dad.” ?Doesn’t that just break your heart? ?I’m still slightly disturbed by the whole incident. Moving on. After 2 years of seeing my acupuncturist […]

  • Artsy Fartsy
  • That blog thing

    Oh right!? I have a blog.? I forgot about that old chestnut.? Actually, unlike 3 million Americans I have actual work.? The kind where I perform a service and people give me money.? The bonus is that I get to keep my clothes on… but I still do it in front of a computer.? Want […]

  • Elle's World

    Today my child was an angel for me.? For his father, he was a shit.? Nothing like having a nice trip to accu-land just to have it brought down my someone jabbing a 16 gauge needle in your arm and then coming home to your husband who tells you the child didn’t nap, threw his […]

  • Elle's World
  • Christmas gift to myself

    About 6 years ago I spent the day before Christmas in the hospital.? Actually it was an urgent care clinic located in a hospital, but I like to be dramatic and all.? It was the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever experienced.? We were at the trusty sister-in-laws apartment and sleeping on the hide-away.? […]

  • Tastes like Qi
  • Tastes like Qi

    While I relaxed at a massage a few weeks ago my mind wandered. I tried to simply be, but as always that is a less than comfortable feeling for me. I tried not to think about the things that needed to be done, if my child was ok or how I was going to cope. […]