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  • Search for the Perfect Macaron

    First there were cupcakes.  Then there was froyo.  The shaved snow craze hasn’t come to Washington yet, but I assure you it’s on its way.  At least I hope so.  There always seems to be some kind of fad dessert.  Be it mix-in ice cream, cake pops or the must-have cookie, we love our snacky […]

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  • Gluten Free Biscuits

    Derek and I like to pick up lunch from a great little soup joint in Tacoma.  It is a hole in the wall kind of place that makes the most amazing soup.  What’s better is they have their soups grouped into “creamy,” “non-creamy,” “vegetarian” and “vegan.”  Then, they mark the menu with the soups that […]

  • 101 in 1001
  • Pretzel Bread

    I made a commitment to bake a new bread every month for the 101 in 1001 project. ?I started in February with one I thought would be a huge hit for a Super Bowl party. ?Pretzel bread. ?Supposedly, this is a bread that was developed by the head bread baker for Daniel Boulud. ?The description […]

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  • $24 brownies

    I have a brownie recipe. ?It was formerly a secret brownie recipe, but I’m feeling generous and I’m going to share with you. ?This recipe is from a congregation member of our home church in Olympia, WA. ?I don’t make them very often because they aren’t the healthiest things in the world, but yeah, they’re […]

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  • Eat Local

    People who know us well know that the trusty husband and I are very much about sustainability.? This is particularly evident in our food choices.? This is one area of our budget that I am fairly unwilling to compromise.? Lucky for me I’ve found ways to stretch our food dollar so we can continue to […]

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  • Random

    I’m bored. ?This shouldn’t come to a shock to you. ?I’m often bored. ?That’s why I do so much stuff. ?Don’t get me wrong. ?It’s not that I don’t have any thing to do. ?My list is a mile long of stuff that needs to get done, but who really wants to do the things […]

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  • Move over Miss Muffet

    My wonderful husband went to the store last weekend and upon his return he announced that we needed to start making our own cheese. ?This type of?proclamation?isn’t new around these parts. ?He firmly believes that all of our food should be made from scratch. ?I’m with him, but as the chief bread, pasta, tortilla and […]

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  • Calling me on it

    Scene: the grocery Elle: oh, hey.? We need to get graham crackers. Boy: Why do we need graham crackers? Elle: Because we’re out. Boy: Oh.? I like graham crackers.? I like them with butter. Elle: Butter?? Who puts butter on graham crackers? Boy: Babada. Elle: Gross. A few minutes pass Boy: Mommy, we don’t say […]