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  • wookin’ po a job

    or better yet, little jobs that might make some money. My online portfolio was sorely neglected over the past year and I was getting tired of the old Free Range Media site. ?So this afternoon I found a theme I liked (*shock*horror* the web designer used a stock theme!) and I put it up. ?Yes, […]

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  • I suck at gifts

    More specifically, I suck at gifts for my husband. ?Which is odd because I love to give gifts and I love my husband. ?You would think it would be easy. ?Trouble is… he has expensive taste. ?I don’t purchase him clothing that often because odds are he’ll return what I purchase. ?He outright told me […]

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  • Another day, another bag

    I got a wild hair to start making bags again. Part of it had to do with my cousin Sarah coming to visit and her falling in love with this bag. She graduates from Mizzou this summer and I made her an orange version as a graduation gift. I figured, well since I have all […]

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  • The Beet Goes On

    I spent the weekend away with friends.? Tacoma Chickadee and Neal so graciously invited us to spend the weekend at a condo in Port Townsend, WA.? It’s only about and hour and a half away, but to me, going out to the peninsula always feels like getting away from the world.? I suppose that’s because […]

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  • Handmade Sampler Review

    I know many of you are close to finished with Christmas shopping, or at least I hope you are.? I am personally done, with the exception of a few gifts that I am making myself.? I got all of my shopping done before chocolate season started so that I didn’t have to worry about it.? […]

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  • Handmade goodness

    For quite a while I’ve wanted to set up my own Etsy shop.? There are only so many handbags I can make for myself.? I’ve hoarded way too much fabric and something has to get done with it.? I finally bit the bullet and got that checked off my list.? Now the task becomes actually […]