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  • Kitten Wrangling

    I’m not sure how foster mama Laurie does it, but I have to give her kudos.  She makes taking photos of kittens look effortless.  I assure you it is anything but. I had a grand plan last week to take photos of the kittens all wrapped up for Christmas.  I had some blue and some […]

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  • Another new toy

    This week my shiny new copy of Adobe Design Standard CS5 arrived. ?This time the church paid for it so it is even better. ?I wrote previously about how I was so looking forward to it because of the new content aware feature. ?Tonight I spent some time photoshopping stuff. ?Just for fun. ?I tried […]

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  • You Capture: Red

    I thought that with such an arsenal of images from the weekend that I would participate in this week’s You Capture. ?I would have rocked it had it been blue. ?Red was a little more difficult and one of the images is a repeat from yesterday’s post, but with a different photoshop technique. I’ll give […]

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  • A few more bits of Holden

    I thought I would share a few more images from Holden. ?This first set is of the village from the “third level”. ?It is above the mine pictured in the previous post. ?The first is the original image. ?The second is a tilt-shift effect to make the village look like a miniature. ?But from the […]

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  • You Capture: Black & White

    There is something about a black and white photo that just gets me. ?I love them. ?I have a wall of family photos and more than half of them are black and white. ?So this week we took our annual trip to the Sequim Lavender Festival. ?One of my favorite parts (other than standing in […]

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  • Not a bag, but they are for sale

    I’ve had many a compliment on my photography over the years. ?Lord knows I take enough pictures. ?What you don’t know is that I’m not the greatest at taking people photos. ?People have this horrible knack of cheese smiling every time I put a camera in their face. ?My son being the worst culprit of […]

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  • You Capture: Emotion

    So here is another out-of-the-box You Capture for you. ?Beth came up with emotion. ?I’m not the best at taking people pictures so I thought I would improvise. ?I know, I should use this opportunity to practice my people picture skills, but the best opportunity for emotion I had was me crying myself to sleep […]

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  • You Capture: Nature

    Next to perspective this was just about the easiest thing for me to do. ?The majority of the photos I take are of flowers and buildings. ?Someday I’ll put together some slideshows of both. ?We are kind of between things on the flower scale in the Northwest, or at least in my garden. ?I have […]