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  • Neighborhood Hooligans

    Remember when you were a kid and you were outside from dawn till dusk.  You rode your bike everywhere, climbed trees, played in the bushes and only came home when you were good and filthy and you Mom called you in?  I do.  When I was in elementary school we lived on a dead end […]

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  • Everything all at once

    I’m bored with the adventurecation stories m’kay.  We went to the San Diego Zoo (amazing), Sea World (holy giant commercial), Torrey Pines (totally wish I had my clubs), the beach (I’ll move in now) and had a lovely time at Tricia & Michael’s house (no, I’ll move in here).  We drove home via Highway 1 […]

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  • Summerpocalypse

    Why is it that when you either take and extended break or decide to give up on blogging all together ideas and questions and post start pouring in?  Comments do too.  Funny. My intention was to tell you all about the “super fun family time” we’ve been having for the past two weeks.  I use […]

  • Bitch & Moan
  • Dear IRS

    Dear Government Lawmakers, I have a way to save taxpayers thousands, if not millions of dollars.  Eliminate redundancy.  I know this sounds simple and I’m sure you’ve thought of it… you’ve thought of it right?  But seriously, the redundancy in the Department of Treasury alone is mind boggling. Let me give you an example. Last […]

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  • Big kid

    Yesterday I put my baby onto the bus for his last day of Kindergarten.  Oddly I was more emotional about his last day of Kindergarten than his first.  It was a realization that my baby is growing up.  The kid has been through so much in the past year.  He switched from a small private […]

  • Artsy Fartsy
  • Craft Rejects

    On June 25th the nursery is sponsoring (or rather I’m organizing) a chicken coop tour.  It has been a fairly easy event to put on considering I’m doing a majority of the work myself.  Earlier this year I got this great idea that I wanted to silk screen t-shirts for the event.  I like crafty […]

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  • A rite of Spring

    At some point last year we took the boy to his first Mariners game.  I could swore I wrote about it.  Maybe I just put photos on Facebook.  I can’t remember anymore (and a quick search of the archives resulted in nothing).  Anyway, we did.  The whole family went.  Even Mom and she didn’t really […]

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  • When you’re 6

    When you’re 6 it is difficult to express your feelings.  There is so much going on in life that everything becomes a jumbled mash-up of emotions and everything comes out all wrong. Two events are happening in the life of our 6 year old that are causing him to be a less than pleasant person […]