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  • Mommy Wars: are you serious?

    It all started a year ago when I was enjoying my breakfast.? Behind me on the TV there was a commercial playing.? I guy on the screen walking around a grocery buck naked talking about the benefits of sugar.? Really?? We are to the point where we are freely advertising something that is making us […]

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  • Mommy Wars: Rent-a-Uterus

    Since I’m on an intelligence kick I thought I’d give you a little more food for thought. So braincells get ready! Hold hands and form a line, Elle watched Ophra yesterday. I’m not the Ophra* watchin’ kinda gal on most days. In fact, outside of a daily addiction to one particular Soap Opera I don’t […]

  • Deep Thoughts
  • Did the feminists make us fat?

    For the record, those are my brother’s sunglasses.? I would never own a pair of sunglasses that horrid.? You can’t see them, but my own sunglasses are on my head.? And no, they aren’t cheapy aviators. As only Suzanne can do she sucked me into reading one of the best books since Freakonomics.? The book […]

  • Mommy Wars
  • Mommy Wars: PI vs. 2

    Post-institutionalized (PI) Definition according to some random online dictionary: Post – prefix meaning formerly institutionalize – to place or confine in an institution, esp. one for the care of mental illness, alcoholism, etc. Two Years Old (2) Definition according to many mothers worldwide: a debilitating illness causing symptoms such as mine, gimme, and no. Symptoms […]

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  • Mommy Wars: ‘Fraidy Cat

    Thanks for all the compliments on the garden. The front is a mish-mash of plants I’ve collected and never really had a design. The back yard is a totally different story though. But our back yard is small and manageable. I just need a hammock back there and I’d never leave it. Well that and […]